Black friday super gem deal

Hi there, I’m writing to you from Canada, regarding the Black Friday super gem deal. Simply put, the $27.99 deal is a scam and you should revise your pricing or gems awarded for the price.

Here is what is available to me in Canada.
$3.99= 500 gems= 125 gems per dollar
$27.99= 2700 gems= 96 gems per dollar
It’s pretty easy to see how the higher priced deal is not worth the extra money already.

Players will be losing 129 gems per dollar for every purchase at the $27.99 price.

At the same rate of 125 gems/dollar, players should get 3500 gems for $27.99. And that’s not even a better deal for spending the extra money.

I would suggest that you revise the gems/dollar for the $27.99 deal to be at least 10% more than the $3.99 deal. So 125x1.10=137.5gems per dollar, or 3848 gems for $27.99.

Thank you. Have a great day.