Black Friday Summon?

This trainer troop potential is what has me wanting to hold back on summons in the ninja troop portal. But, more important that any trainer troop is getting that elusive dark mana troop. If I get it early, I’ll maybe save some ett for potential trainer troops… If they even make those available via ETT. The lack of information makes decision making harder, especially for those looking for troop food.


Well, it could even be a portal with those “Tomes” that they announced, and potentially be worth more than feeders from ninja summons.

It’s really tough guessing what to expect which really makes it annoying. Ninjas are coming shortly and cant’t really plan well for them. And that’s another argument that makes me careful about spending before BF… They clearly want people to want to spend on BF after they already spend on Ninjas.


Yeah it’s really hard to tell. Of course the anticipation aspect works for SG as it may result in increased spending. I just hope their aren’t too many who get their hopes too high that what is available doesn’t match it.


I really doubt get why anyone is getting excited, this is SG/Zynga we are taking about. They never give anything of value, and the idea that a “special” summons will end up being anything but woefully unexciting is just wishful thinking.


Perhaps Black Friday will be all dark heroes…

I’m curious as to why you feel this way? Not an attack, just genuine curiosity.

Will probably see 3 new heroes.

Turkey of Thanksgiving Past
Turkey of Thanksgiving Present
Turkey of Thanksgiving Future

Special Abilities - Camping for Electronics, Food Coma, and I don’t know why I bought this.


When SGG made november and december calendars public, I actually thought they would share more info soon, specially regarding these new stuff. I tought that they were letting us know in advance what they have planned so the complaining about new content coming too fast would stop.

But as I was creating this post, I realized the chances of them letting us know of the black friday event before the end of the ninja tower are very slim. Depending of what it is, it could really hurt NT selling performance.

Anyway, if I had to guess, I would say they are only going to let us know what this BF summon is after the NT.

Portal will give us 0.0009 percent more chance to pull a dawa

Seriously tho, this is SG, don’t count on anything good, especially not on new shiny heroes to be more obtainable.


I suspect we will get some more details on it only 1-2 days before the summon portal appears.

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It is so depressing reading some of these posts. I really enjoy the game, my alliance mates, the anticipation of who’s going to grace my roster when I’ve finally farmed enough tokens/gems for a pull from the portal, it’s exciting to me. (yes I’ve a fully leveled my dawa and her costume) I’m still new and I feel really sad for any other newbies coming here for information or advice to be met with such dissatisfaction. It’s so :cry:. I just want to thank those few of you who have kept a positive impact on the forums you are truly appreciated. Please try to be kind to each other :two_hearts:


I like that event heroes are quite rare and would not want to see them easily available. They tend to be fairly strong, which is OK because the events have a low summoning % as well as a limited schedule throughout the year. To suddenly have those heroes more easily available would be a slap in the face of people who were lucky enough to get them before. I like certain heroes just being rare and not a dime a dozen. Makes you always look forward to those portals

Anyway, I suspect they won’t be part of whatever this event is. Costume chamber, S1-4, Legends, those could all be part of it. But IMO any deal should just be ascension mats, emblems, and trainer troops. Those are the real problem - there are lots of of summoning portals these days but just not enough ways to actually level more than 1-2 heroes a quarter.

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Vortex, the majority of the snark on here is simply catharsis by players who have suffered a great deal of disappointment with summons in this game. I am 4+ years on here now, and yes, I really enjoy fighting wars and taking down titans with teammates, it’s a fun mechanic all around. But there is simply no denying that the gambling portion of the summons is a very real thing and ultimately leads to a great deal of disappointment the longer you play. One of the old 7DD guys years ago wrote a fantastic post on the law of diminishing returns in this game. Basically, new 3 star and 4 star hero pulls, as well as any season 1 5 star pull, have extremely limited usage for me. I have every season 1 and most of the other seasons 3s and 4s. New ones I can use in raid tournaments and challenge events, but that’s pretty much it. My alliance relies on me to take out as many of the 4800 to 4900 level teams as possible in war (and there a lot of them now), so only very select 4 stars even make that war cut. So, when 99% of all your pulls mean little to nothing, it gets kind of…old. and disappointing. I think it’s great that you’re excited about your next pulls. Hopefully you can keep that excitement for as long you play. I suppose one of us needs to keep the faith, right?


Yea I was thinking about that too

I know what you mean I like the most powerful heros staying at the rates they are now. That’s how’s the whole nerf tell/Vera thing started was because alot of people had them. The most powerful most desirable heros need to be the rarest.

SG: Stay tuned for this Black Friday Summon thing!
Player: We have given up hope on improved odds to get non-S1 5*.
SG: Come on! All players will get a small gift too!
Player: You mean a WE flask?


I hope there are no S1 5*, 4* and 3* heroes in this portal.


I think there is about 99.99999999% chance that you can pull these kind of heroes from that portal :confounded:


SG: Hahahahaha… don’t be silly. How about a FREE chest for the Goblin Balloon? :wink:
Player: ….
SG: or, or, a raid flask! Everybody LOVES raiding, right? Heck, have TWO raid flasks! It’s the spirit of the HOLIDAYS!
Player: ….
SG: Nah, let’s be real. We’ll just sell unlimited numbers of max-size aethers for real-world currency! What a DEAL!
Player: ….
Player: So… whales will be able to instantly LB every single OP hero they’ve summoned….
SG: making a “get on with it” hand gesture, grinning, nodding
Player: …and the rest of us, well… we… we’re…
SG: DOOMED!!! mwh-haHAHAHAhaHAhaHAheheheheeeeeeee… cough wheeze giggle


Luckily I was not betting for the Challenge Festival summon portal :smiley:
I would have lost my bet :smiley:

But after that now anything is possbile in Black Friday Summon…


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