Black Friday Summon?

30 pull all I got are 3 stars and 4 stars, NONE of them are 5 stars.
worst pull ever
i have been playing for 3+years and this thx giving made me wanna give up on this game.


So sorry to hear but I do hope you stick around. RNG can be really unpredictable, I had a bad wave of pulls in portals and then sometimes my luck would just turn around when I least expect it. Never really know what to expect…

We’re any of them new heroes for you?

If you joined the forum to post this 10 minutes later, than…
I believe you mean business!

I don’t think you can pass tenderly through that door. I already tried.
You pretty much have to kick the exit door open. I imagine it to be liberating and filled with sunshine, on the other side.

Or… you have to accept the nature
Of this business.
And find that happy medium.
In regards to pull odds,
That should be no problem
For “3+years”
Surely you’ve been in the trenches long enough to step on that landmine a
time or two ;p

I envy you! It’s much harder for me…
I have to try not to see costumes.
In order to avoid spontaneous combustion.
A nice portal for me!

Next one will…


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At my stage of the game I have all the threes and fours, and whilst the portal has no vanilla heroes which is good not one five appeared in my 30 pull, used em all for food. Not my day to be lucky but one team mate got five in a 30 pull inc hotm.

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Another All In day for Zynga/SG… 2022 will be a bad year for them… Closing this game will be their last move but still not happening this next year…

Keep spending everyone you will get those nice heros.

SG promise just dig a little deeper in your pockets lol


Kunchen, Jackal and Tettuch, three useful heroes, unless you already had them…

My results:

Should I have done a 30 pull? Maybe, maybe not. Do I still have other 5 star heroes that I can be leveling up? Yes. Will this cost affect my personal situation IRL? No. Do I recognize that other players may not be in the same position I am? Yes.

Will I, as a veteran player and alliance leader, encourage folks to consider whether a purchase or summon is really worth it? Will I strive to avoid ever creating an environment in-game that makes others feel obligated to summon for the latest fancy hero? Absolutely:exclamation:

Piggybacking off this excellent post from @Gryphonknight , I’ll add a few others typically referenced when we discuss new heroes and whether one should “chase” a hero.

And close with a final quote from May 2018:

With whatever definition of “responsibly” you feel meets your personal situation, keeping in mind that the odds are decidedly NOT in your favor.


Heck yes! Right on my friend! It is always the right time to say stop and think before you spin the wheel of probabilities.

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This portal has been a good one for me. On my first 30x pull, got Alice (been wanting her now for quite some time) and Gefjon (duplicate). Although Gefjon is a dupe, I cannot complain in getting two 5* in the first 30x.

Ended up doing 200x pulls in total in this portal and received the following 5* heros: Alice, Master Lepus (duplicate), Gefjon (duplicate), Miki, Guardian Kong (duplicate), Prof Lindenbrock (been wanting her since her release, so thrilled to have pulled her), Eiora and Fluffy, and Penolite.


I love your pulls ! Maybe 30 pulls is not cheap, but as a F2P strating 1,5 years ago, I would be delighted to get Falcon, Wilbur and Jackal, that would change my life a lot ! Titans, Mythical titans, event …


I’ve only done 30 pulls 3x in 4 years. I found I get worse results than doing 30 individual pulls although they cost more gems. Something is rotten in the state of RNG.

Same for 10 pulls. All individual, no 10 bundle cause I’ve found the same thing. Still no guarantee I’ll get anything but 2 out of 5 times I’ll at least get the HotM this way.


This is super true! Sometimes good advice is obscured behind grief :frowning:

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I have done 40 pulls and got some new heroes. Garjammal, Marcel and Wren are the only ones ill be interested in maxing. Actually, ill probably max a pixie and maybe a vodnik to fight the upcoming chicken curse. Got Carol, Shale and a few other 4s I probably won’t touch. This is my 7th Shale, yet zero Ametrine and Sapphire. RNG needs a punch in the face along with Shale.

My thoughts on this portal:

Not impressed with this “deal.”

The last thing we need is yet another summoning portal. Other than new players who want to pick up some heroes without S1 filler, I see nothing of value here. How about some mats instead? The single 4* ascension item I see from war victories and titans every month isn’t cutting it. The last thing I need is yet another hero in my roster to join the long line of heroes waiting for ascension mats.

Nothing but disappointment at this “deal.”

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10 pull of nothing… :rofl:
At least, the chest is not bad!


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Nice haul! I’ve heard from Alliance Mates for those who are pulling that the rewards from the chest are crazy good. Everyone has gotten at least one 4* ascension mat and a hunk of emblems at minimum.

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