Black Friday Summon?

There’s not a thing condescending about what I said. I said to look out for your teammates. Some need that because they do. An encouraging word is not condescending, not from me.


All repetitive thats right when not have them and some other front them.

If you have a large variety of heroes then this summon was probably not a good idea for a 30 pull… Cause that is a good pull that you had.


Nope if I had large number of heros I did not try to summons, my dark color is my best, i even dont have good red or yellow hero to break limit and still wait. And what I received always was 3 or 4 so I do have them or throw them away already. So with my rooster it is so bad if instead of kunchan I got a average red or yellow legendary it was good one

I pulled Penolite does anyone think she’d be graded lower than an A ? Anyone have an opinion on her ? cant find any info in forum … thanks


Try here:

Is there any to think she is not overpowered? She omit all summoners and game move on summoner legendary. She is great actually I am huge fan of her.

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Pretty happy with the pull

Cheshire Cat, valeria, aderyn, noril, and candy are all new and welcome

Dolgoon is great but I don’t need two.
I never needed my first five Morris
Vodnik I’m keeping for now in case I need him for challenge festival but doubt it.

Fantastic portal. Perhaps the most welcoming f2p portal given the complaints of dupes.


Yep I’m the same my 10 pull only had 2 dupe 3 stars and I’m inclined to keep one of them anyway. Other than that solid useable 3s and 4s, can’t expect 5s given my spend amount but so much better than seeing the same S1 hero over and over

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You know that yellow at the end form the Class of Knights? He can be really amazing for titans(if you protect him good)

Keep them both!

If you don’t need it then eat it afterwards


Really unsure if the second Chochin will ever get used. Second Gato probably will though.

she would be an S class hero. Go level her!!

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I had enough leftover gems to make one pull without buying any… I got Vlad, immediately fed him to my recently limit broken Alfrike, and decided this summons wasn’t for me.

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Guess this is a pretty good pull. Got Anzogh and Faline(all new) and my third Balbar. 3 Proteus(now I have 6, will keep 4 maybe), and my 1st Frank, Bauchan, and Maeve. Not to mention the second chest gave me a blade and a 5* ice aether


I made only a 10 pull, with the predictable onslaught of 3s.
But it seems that there are few heroes worthwhile, so this is bound to attract newer players, who are desperate for any 5
s, and who will have a hard time levelling them.
The lack of vanilla heroes is just a gimmick.

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Do I like the free Troop Trainers - YES! Am I happy there are no S1 heroes - YES! Am I going to pull - NO!

For me it has come down to being severely short on Ascension Mats. It is kinda of pointless to summon if it is going to take me months to ascended them. Only up coming hero I’m going for is Hanitra as I have no Inari, C. Kadilen or G. Gazelle to help out on that front.

Also, with all the new heroes being introduced, I am being far more picky where I spend gems/coins than I was before.

Overall however, I feel this Summons Gate is the best one if you are looking for existing heroes.

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3-70 ran out of food and my fingers r sore lol

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When it becomes boring and disappointing, then it may be time to just stop playing.

Unless you want to spend tons of money so you can see yourself for a brief moment as #1 in the world in something.

Thank you SG for this latest summon event to make us F2P wanting to spend money… not
Had gems for one pull, got a lame 3* garbage.

Wallet safe.
My last 5* goes back to April and was a S1 duplicate and before that dont even remember when and what hero it was.

Is this how SG wants us to spend money in this game? I dont think so.
I have no incentive to spend because I see the odds of getting something being close to zero.

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