Black Friday Summon?

It’s nothing to do with being happy, most people have a limited amount they are willing to spend on the game. The challenge event portal is a much better prospect for those funds. The black Friday portal does not offer anything worth pulling for in comparison as the chances of getting anything good are much less. If you prefer the black Friday portal then you are welcome to pull in it, that’s your choice.


Not true, not sure why you would think this.

Depends on what you’re looking for. I find that often the bonus chest is better than the pulls, based on average 10-pulls. And in that case, the Black Friday portal looks to be significantly better than a normal bonus chest.

  • Special Bonus Chest
    • Significantly improved chance to receive useful Ethers, Emblems, high-level Ascension Items, Trainer Heroes, and Food Bundles

I think this portal is absolutely exceptional for those that don’t spend a lot and don’t have a deep roster. Many in my alliance are looking forward to it. For those that pull for specific costumes and heroes…well…you are in luck too. They have been ramming portals like that down our throats for months. Two cheers for the little guys on this one!


I’m not very excited for this anymore. No costumes means I am not interested.

I really hope they sell some ascension items in a separate deal. I really don’t want summons… I want ascension items which are WAY too hard to get.

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I have just added a Master discussion topic, which contains the potentionally pullable heroes:

I will update it further once the portal opens.


I´m not sure yet, as a newer player who is missing most of those epics heroes, where should i be pulling.

Black friday portal has the wide spectrum of epics im interested in (Wilbur, Proteus, Gilinbursti, Ferrant, D’andre . Hansel, Falcon etc) however among all those epics availble its mostly unlikely to pull any of those mentioned above).

Festival on the other hand is just about past challange event heroes, that way, although still unlikely, there are less epics to pull therefore i could end getting any of the guardians or even Hansel.

Its a difficult choice… I’m not counting on getting 5 star because i think any of the 5 stars will be welcomed in my roster.


Sounds great. Thanks!

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All I want to know about is the trainer troops!



I have mixed feelings towards this portal:
1 - Gem only portal, so it is more for ppl who are willing to spend and buy gem
2 - While there are no S1 heroes, for ppl who have a reasonable number of non S1 heroes already, it will be risky to pull at this portal coz they could easily get duplicate
3 - When they include every non S1 hero, chance to pull some mediocre hero is actually quite high

Would be more interesting if they will actually feature the two new heroes and reduce cost to pull say from 2600 to 2000 for a 10 pull or so. I am not expecting 50% discount although I wouldn’t mind a pleasant surprise.

On the other hand, the challenge event portal next month is better coz you can use free coins and it is portal with event hero only (some with costumes too). So input is pretty much the same but output is better, which to me is then a clear upgrade.


To your point, if the gem cost is reduced (10x for 2kish) then the BF summons comes out ahead. I spend my gems on BF and use my coins on the challenge festival (save up coins from the teltoc challenge)

If it’s the same gem cost (2600 for 10x) I may save my coins and gems for next month


Ralsha, no, it’s not time to do anything of the sort. It’s just condescending.

Nice guess, 0.1% for one so 0.2% for two lol

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3000 for a 10 pull with 0.2 chance for a featured, they can keep it thanks


1070 exp free gift what a joke


I’m not interested in the Black Friday event as the chances of me getting a s2, and s3 3* will be overwhelming and I have all these guys. Maybe I might get a good 4* but again a very strong chance it will be one that I have. Now the challenge event I’m quite excited by. I don’t have many of these heroes so this is where I will have a good whack at.


I stand corrected, instead of a discount gem pull it’s a more expensive gem pull… smh. I will pass.

The odds are that I will get an s2, s3,s4 3* hero— which I already have

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Is this a good portal for F2P players to use their gems or are there better alternatives?

It’s good if you don’t have many non-S1 heroes. I just did three gem pulls (350 each - ugh) and got a 4* and two 3* that i already had.


I’ll pass.

Gathered most of these easily obtainable heros during my spending phase of game-life… And 5*? Even without S1 heros it could still be one of the HoTM I already have, S2, S3 that I already have… The pool is so diluted that even without S1 heros in it the chance to get something really exciting is again super slim… Will help hoarding this gems for something more appealing.


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