Black Friday Summon?

Intrigued by the new portal mentioned in the new version release notes. Nothing about it in beta so no idea what to expect…

Was going to use my gems on new Ninja hoping for a shot at Ruby, but now not so sure. This thing may have better chances to pull… god knows what?

Anyways, next Ninja Tower is in two months and next Black Friday in a year so I’ll probably not pull this month until this appears. Just wondering if it won’t be an utter disappointment.


A rip-off copy of this game has a “choice” summon. No idea if thats what this is.


My gues is that they will put there some old event heroes, maybe with better % chance than usual.


From 0.2 to 0.3, seems like a good deal


Better % chance for Non S1 heroes or after 100x pulls. will get a chance to choose 1 hero 5* that you want ??

Surely it won’t be anything like this… :thinking:


There were 2 heroes in Beta that were not assigned to an event, I wonder if it will be a portal for those 2 heroes?


SG employee #1: you see this nospendnovember?
SG employee.#2: yeah, naw.


What about this black friday summon?

what new portal? what am I missing? i’ve read it twice the release note and still no clue, pls help :slight_smile:

Black Friday Summon added


tnx a lot i’ve missed that one :hugs:

Mega Black Friday summon not sure if they are related

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Yeah, i highly doubt they will give better odds or charge less per summon.

I’ve had inside info

Increased odds of …



OMG :slight_smile:
I will go all in to get her ! (With as many duplicates as possible) :slight_smile:


Last black friday was a big disappointment so don’t get too hype about it but maybe… this time they will deliver I can see hope after their announcement :thinking:

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Still which type of summons going to be in Black Friday ? Any clarification about what expect will be good … I want to know more details about it if possible @Staff_SGG ?

I’d rather not see challenge event heroes in a BF summon. S3 and S4, fine. But not super rare heroes that are suddenly much more easily accessible.

BTW, mats are much better for BF events IMO. We have too many hero options as is, with not enough ways to get mats to actually level them. We don’t need another summon…

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I have a feeling that some people are putting the cart before the horse with the black Friday summons event. I’d expect more in the lines of discounted price offers to purchase than some amazing all conquering portal. I’m perfectly happy to be proved wrong but I do think a lot of people are expecting something that won’t happen. From my reading of the notes as far as I could see the only thing specifically linked to black Friday was introduction of trainer troops, unless I missed something?


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