Black friday summon bug?

I spent far too much on this portal doing summons. In doing pulls, i noticed 2 different 30 pulls are not getting me 30 fated summon credit. At first i thought i was crazy but after seeing it twice happen to me, whats the best way to getting this to SG? Anyone else run into this? Sorry if this is a repeat thread.

What number are you at? Did you get any five stars along the way that won’t count towards the fated summon?

50 pulls recieved nothing worth a s***, but they did count toward the fated summon

5 stars don’t count towards fated summon? I did get 1 repeat, tarlak on the 2nd time i noticed it. Where does it say 5 stars don’t count?


Thanks Ruskin, i just read it again, that has to be it

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Lol, man, they don’t count :grin: That’s it, mystery solved :blush: