Black Friday Mega Sale — Discussion

I agree with what @Elpis said earlier.

The $4.99 doesn’t fair well compared to the vip. Plus I don’t value the 3* trainers as I’m not heavily leveling anyone currently and usually do just fine with my training camp. That said, people in my alliance like this one.

The $99.99 one is too expensive for me. I probably should do a deal like this, but I don’t. I’ll eventually buy this much, but it’s too much in one purchase. Just my personal budget so I don’t really even analyze it.

The $19.99 one is interesting. Last night before bed, it popped and I was all “oh my - got to get - so good.” But then I thought on it. In the past, the gem/emblem deals have been $X for 5X emblems and 50X gems (ie - $7 for 35 emblems and 350 gems). Here you have $X for 120X gems and 5X emblems. As I type it, this isn’t too bad, but I’m not sure I value the emblems that much and they are spread out so less usable unless you buy all 3 deals.

Who knows, I may end up getting one of the $19.99 one but it’s just not resonating as much as I’d like it too.

That’s my personal analysis.


Right! Wilbur does even better. Not TC20, of course…

As I said above (only it was a different thread then), I bought the £4.99 one. A little later the advert popped up again and I realised there were five of them. I am proud to announce I resisted buying the other four. (So far.)

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Is the Christmas calendar better than this Black Friday sale? I’m only asking because I’m in the same situation…

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I would say so. Much more different offers

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Here is just reference, because can be different for dec 2019.
2018 - Christmas Offers (calendar)


So wait, there is pretty much an offer every day in December…crap, I should have saved my itunes credit…poopy.

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Thanks for this information

And this was a nice post showing all last years Christmas offers


Thanks for this information, I appreciate it


Not worth the $ IMHO. Will not be purchasing any of the deals. Was hoping for some real value given that it’s Black Friday but, as usual, the greed of the devs wins the day.
I would live it if EVERYONE stopped purchasing to enforce a price drop. Let’s decrease the demand.


In my currency too everything costs more. I realised long who that if you are not American you just get screwed on purchases so I spend far less than I probably would as I am bitter.


The little guys can never catch up. They can only fall further behind with new money-making deals being introduced in S3.

Not valuable because you say so?

I mean i could definitely use 30 emblems and considering i get more of the other 4* mats total than the totals of tomes and dblades, i can see times where i would prefer those offered than any other mat and for a lot of high end spenders those items are their biggest bottleneck.

I think subjectively depicting the values of offers based on personal wants is probly not the best way to go about determining the actual value of an offer

If $100 normally gets me 10k gems and devs offered a “deal” that gets me 10k gems and like 1 item, sure i could agree not good offer

But if they’re offerning more items and more gems at a price that i would normally pay for less gems and no items, it’s a good deal whether i buy it or not the value is there


Since X-mas Seasonal Event is just around the corner with a bunch of sales I suppose, I skip this. 10 of each class is not really that useful to me. First offer would be interesting, but only 2* trainers besides gems? Meh, I liked that one with EHT better. I’ll pass.

My message to all irreligious people, even to those who disrespect the pious

Black Saturday is ok
Black Sunday is ok
Black Friday is not ok. The truth is “Great Friday”

Disrespectful guys are you happy???

Great friday would be every Friday

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Data shows

Titan loot
Platinum/ Diamond chest
Rare quests
Mystic Vision

is the most important for 4* ascension items.

Which is crummy since there is a limit on Platinum/ Diamond chests but not on the other 3 activities.

And yes, this explains many Elder player’s glut of 3* ascension items and why SGG does not want to add more quality 4* heroes, but does flood us with new improved 5* heroes that most people will never get.

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I fill more diamond chests in a day than i watch mystic vision or do rare quests

Titan loot has a limit of 1 good loot per 20 hours
Mystic vision 3x per 24 hrs
3 rare quests per month

Ya lost me?

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My problem is I have run out of good heroes to emblem.

I would buy the Black Friday emblem packs if I had good 4* / 5* healers, and heroes, to use them on.

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