BK & Mitsuko in the defense team

Hi community,

I have been blessed with BK in this Avalon event. And I wonder if it would be useful to include it in my defense team with Mitsuko.

I was thinking in a team like this:

Mitsuko (+8) - Ariel (+8) - BK (to be work) - Kingstone (+5) - Joon (+3)

What do you think?

Other 5* heroes I have in my roster:

Alby (+7)
Victor (+7)
Elena (4/80)
Quintus (4/80)
Richard (4/50)
Leonidas (3/70)
Margarett (3/70)
Rumpel (3/70)
Domitia (2/60)
Mok-Arr - Thorne - Atomos - Grimble (1/1)

I don’t know if it there would be a better line up taking into account my others 5*…

I’m not a fan of doubling up on the tank color, nor in putting Mitsuko on the wing either. Average speed just isn’t great at that spot and her blue reflect probably won’t be useful by then (the opponent can easily wait it out, whereas it’s harder to wait it out when she fires earlier and there’s more threats to take out). I prefer Mitsuko as flank usually.

So with that said I think you’d be better off with Alberich on wing – your team may be too passive in that case though (BK and Ariel don’t hit). Maybe consider putting Richard in for Ariel once he’s maxed, so your defense has more bite.

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Today I have change my defense team. I know I need to work with BK. (I have more than 750 barbarian emblems).


Is there any diference using Kingston in the right wing instead of joon?

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