BK attack buff not working

Could you hold your finger on Black Knight to open his status window? And take a screenshot of it. That will show the turns left of all the buffs active

It’s completely random, who gets the buff or doesn’t get it

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Are you referring to the taunt buff? If so, only BK gets that buff. He draws all hits away from other heroes in your team, therefore the other heroes don’t get it applied.

Edit - BK is also the only one to receive the buff to drop damage to 1. Are you referring to either of these effects?

The title says attack buff and when you look at the pictures you will see that not all got that buff. In the first only BK and in the second only little John and Justice.

No, it’s the +45%(++) attack that’s missing from all but LJ and Justice (and all but BK in the first screenshot).

And no, I see no reason why that shouldn’t be given to “all allies”, as per the special’s description. Looks like a bug to me …

I’ve had no such issue. If you hover over the others do they have the +atk or do they deal increased damage? It’s possible that it’s a weird visual bug

You can see from the 2nd screenshot that the +atk is not listed for BK, at least.

Yes, but the atk is increased, right? This leads me to believe it is a visual bug.

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Ah, good catch. Yes, the attack buff has gone into impromptu stealth mode, but it has taken effect: +321 attack, indeed.

Thanks for clarifying! I wasn’t lucky enough to get BK so I’m working a little blind on this :unamused: Make sense now!

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