Bjorn over Balthazar for events?

Hi people!
I pulled 3 more Bjorn from last Valhalla and now, with Teltoc approaching, i’m thinking if they deserve to be maxed also if i already have 4 Balthazar for events (i normally reach quite easily top1K in rare, but i noticed that the score level keep growing…). What do you think about?

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Bjorn is slower mana, but his special makes up for it. His maxed attack stat is only 30 points less than Balthazar’s, but he does 200% damage to one + 350% damage to another (and does the combined damage to one if only one enemy is left!). Plus he deals extra damage to Yellows with it…

definitely worth maxing. He will be useful for finishing off mobs and for hitting bosses hard.


I would say Bjorn x 2 and Balthazar in a purple stack.
Now my problem is do I now include An-Windr in a 3* purple mono with Bjorn x 2, Balthazar, Guardian Bat and Gill-Ra
And I have probably all the other 3* purple too


Bjorn is a monster, arguably the best 3* in the game. And particularly suited for PvE/events.

I would guess you won’t see many teams near the top without some of him.

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okay, thanks all! i will max out 3 or 4 of them and try to stack them with gill ra in later stages :facepunch:

I’m very fond of my 3* collection and when I got Bjorn I really saw his potential for certain tourney and events so maxed both. Will get the 2nd one to 9 emblems as when they hit the 2nd hit can be really brutal and running both can just be death.

I’ll costume level a Balthazar at some point to see what I think of him too but I think Bjorn has replaced him now

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