Bjorn miss first shot, no second shot

For the special skill, if Bjorn missed his first, the second shot did not fire.
It is possible that both missed, but there is no shot to confirm.

That’s pretty much what happen to Misandra and Finley.

Probably Bjorn 2nd hit is considered a chain, so if the first one miss, the second do not even start.


Without seeing any screenshot, I’d assume Bjorn was possibly blinded?

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What was the team yall faced?

@Chadmo does have face paint over one eye 100% of the time :wink:

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If the first hit misses all following strikes will not even start.
Not 100% sure how it works on sir roostley, maybe someone can confirm ?

That’s because of the wording for Finley, Misandra, Captain of Diamonds, and Sir Roostley. They must hit for there to be subsequent hits.

The wording for Bjorn and costume Dawa is different. I suspect this is the same as the Alfrike bug.

Bjorn card’s wording is unambiguous:

  • Deals …
  • Deals …

So it’s either a bad description of his skill or a case of code copy-and-paste :relieved:

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