Bit of an odd alliance search

I’ll just leave this here…


Sure hit me up on line. @Cheds has my line

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Normally we ask for rainbow lvl.17+ mana troops. But we make exceptions. Contact our leader Kronos under line id kronos_niks if you are interrested to joyn Seven Days Uprising and the Seven Days family of alliances. We chain 14* titans, are top200 when full. Maybe the strategies and rules of Seven Days are an interesting experience for you. We use purple war tanks and have defense teams between 4650 and 5100. We opened our war chest today, we win 3-4 out of five wars.

Happy gaming

i dont know where you have right now @homaclese but you are a great part of this community wish you all the best

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The move into a new group should be FuN :smile:

Good wishes finding your new place.

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Hey thanks for the offer! Im shacking up with crew jesters for 4 wars and then seeing what’s what

Thank you! And twenty more

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Many thanks, appreciate the sentiment!

Hey thanks i might check you guys out in the near future.

My troops arent THAT bad, i jave between 17 and 24 as my highest troops in each color

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Hey I might pop in at some point. Doing a stint at crew-saders

Okie dokie … look forward to it :two_hearts:

I’m ready to move on and learn some new things and pass on my own knowledge. Thinking a 2 week/4 war rotation is about right. Anybody with an open spot? I think my only requirement is that you chain 14* titans

One spot open at Brothers of the Sword

Hey… are you hitting 14*s now? Do you have a spot open still?

Yes and yes. Our current titan is a pass due to bad spawn time, I think. But we consistently take down 14*s

Hey thanks for replying… I was scrambling a bit to get into an alliance before the MT and i just joined one literally a minute before you responded.

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No problem. Maybe we’ll see you down the road

Hey @Guv do you have spots at the moment?

As always I have planned it badly and have to quickly jump in somewhere in order to be on time for the mythic titan so I will basically bed the first sailor that smiles at me…

Currently have one spot open!