Bit of an odd alliance search

So I have been with my current alliance for over a year now. Top 50 but relaxed, super knowledgable and competitive yet helpful players. Can’t think of a better alliance to be honest.

But I am feeling restless and I want to head out… somewhere. Maybe learn some new things, maybe teach some new things. I don’t even know if I want to go up in alliance level or down in alliance level. As long as you are only hitting 14* titans, are competitive, not too uptight then I’d be interested in seeing what sort of experience there is ot be had. It could be a few weeks or it could be a few months.

My troops are pretty rubbish. My roster is pretty decent (49 maxed 5s). I can compete at a high level at almost any alliance level.

Anyone have an interesting proposition for me…?



with us you are always welcome, no stress, respect war tactics and hit the titans regularly. we are currently at 12-13 *. The alliance is called MKD 69

Who’d be up for this challenge…psst

Nevermind me, I’m just enjoying the show :popcorn:


I’d love you at Crew-Jesters bud but we are full at the minute and spaces don’t come up very often.

@Iago or @Kloster can reach out and pop you on the waitlist

Or if you want a totally anarchistic wild ride jump into one of the Shops :joy: That’s a white knuckle rapid ride compared to us!

I was feeling rather restless myself. I love my alliance mates I’ve basically grown up with them but with quite a few of the original ones have either taken a break from the game or just quit. We have lots of eager to learn noobs that I enjoy helping. Your more than welcome to join me at pys place. :two_hearts:

If your on discord, come check us out. we would be a step down, because not in top 100, but sound just like your current alliance. We are at 86 14* Titan kills in a row. TitanBrian#5806, reach out for a visit

@Homaclese we actually just had an opening. Would enjoy a good chat on this matter.

I’ll just leave this here…


Sure hit me up on line. @Cheds has my line

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Normally we ask for rainbow lvl.17+ mana troops. But we make exceptions. Contact our leader Kronos under line id kronos_niks if you are interrested to joyn Seven Days Uprising and the Seven Days family of alliances. We chain 14* titans, are top200 when full. Maybe the strategies and rules of Seven Days are an interesting experience for you. We use purple war tanks and have defense teams between 4650 and 5100. We opened our war chest today, we win 3-4 out of five wars.

Happy gaming

i dont know where you have right now @homaclese but you are a great part of this community wish you all the best

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The move into a new group should be FuN :smile:

Good wishes finding your new place.

Hey thanks for the offer! Im shacking up with crew jesters for 4 wars and then seeing what’s what

Thank you! And twenty more

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Many thanks, appreciate the sentiment!

Hey thanks i might check you guys out in the near future.

My troops arent THAT bad, i jave between 17 and 24 as my highest troops in each color

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Hey I might pop in at some point. Doing a stint at crew-saders

Okie dokie … look forward to it :two_hearts:

I’m ready to move on and learn some new things and pass on my own knowledge. Thinking a 2 week/4 war rotation is about right. Anybody with an open spot? I think my only requirement is that you chain 14* titans

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