Biggest regret so far

Mine is ascending Sabina to 4th tier. I also have Cyprian, Rigard, and Melendor all around the same level. I hastily leveled Sabina, but wish I did Rigard.

Sabina does good tile damage, her debuff and heal are nice as well

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True, but I have Melendor and didn’t mention Sonya, both of whom debuff quite nicely. I like Rigard since he can purify my team.

I have yet to find a single reason to bring Rigard anywhere.

Sabina is one of my go to cards even with Panther at 80 depending what cup value I’m at, and she’s still second dark for titans.

Yeah, if you have mel, Sabina is the same just another color

Funny how depending on the make-up of your team different heroes work or don’t. I’ll have to try doubling up on purple for a yellow titan. Maybe Sabina would work there with Cyprian to riposte the titan. I’ve always run rainbow teams on titans. Time to try something new.

Any regrets from the respondents so far? All I’ve seen are comments on my regret :wink:

I highly recommend doubling strong colors on titans.

I started playing on July 29th or 30th, I highly regret not knowing how good the game was and spending to get Athena in that last day or two. There’s a huge titan difference between athena and the “riff raff” debuffers (tibs, grimm, gormek).

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I have several reasons Rigard goes with me: Azlar and Colen. Only Vivica, Locke and Rigard remove the team burn effect, which can totally wreck a team.

My regret is that I didn’t start playing in June instead of July to pick up Athena.

Two blue and a healer of any type is enough for me vs. Colen / Azlar. Counting on Rigard to heal / cleanse is one solution I suppose, but as it is Colen and Azlar I only wipe on if I have one of those boards that any even power defense would wipe me on.

I do regret not starting 3 days earlier to get Hel haha. 3 days, come on!

How much would u have spent to get him lol?

I drew Wu Kong early on and used him to level up another yellow, thinking he seemed useless.

Apparently he’s a near must-have for high scores in events and quite the titan-slayer. I hate that monkey, and myself for throwing him away.

I regret not getting ANY of the Hero of the Month cards (not for lack of trying!) :grin:

Spending much more money that i want and not getting panther.

Not sure the regret is for the money, Panther or both.

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Leveling weak troops before I understood the way the way game works (and then leveling stronger weak troops before I understood it better) :scream_cat:

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I started to spend first or second day and before even visiting the board I used 4-5 level 4 troops as fodder because I had 3 level 5*, not knowing how rare ascension materials would be or that contests used lower star heroes. I’ve drawn a duplicate of each good one except Tiburtus which still is sad because I only have Thott over level 3 and he really sucks on titans due to the slow skeleton animation.

Sabina was my key to victory in the event, I was seriously considering ascending my second Sabina. :wink:

And my biggest regret so far is that I did not find this game early on.

My biggest regret is that I couldn’t summon a 5* hero if my life depended on it. Can’t even get a green 4*.

I got Thoth and wasn’t even trying. I also stupidly ate Wu Kong. Weird combo, huh?

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