Biggest pain of the Winter event

Ice cubes? Naaah. They are nothing compared to the fact that…

…the final avatar is not that white owl in Santa hat :sob:


These owls are beyond adorable. I want one. I want to be one. I want everyone to be one!



Just my two cents worth, but the Winter Event is a helluva lot of fun. I’ve only finished stage 8, but I can tell that the later stages should provide some challenging situations when faced against high HP enemies with a third of your firepower unavailable at the start.

I also like the rewards (drooling about the metal ore and midnight roots as I type). Adding in the trainers and tokens has me stoked.

@mhalttu The new features discussed in the Q & A thread all sound great, and I’ve already noticed the greater frequency of ascension items dropping from Mystic Vision and even regular monster chests. I’d like to suggest that this Winter event format has a lot of possibilities for variations. The first thing that popped into my mind was adapting the completion time and team health features from the Monthly Challenges as modifiers that earns a player 1-3 extra items per stage or maybe an XP bonus.

@Ellilea Thanks for not spoiling what the actual avatar is, but I agree that the owls are totally swag in the Santa hats. Tbh, I’d like my avatar to be a gif of the owl flapping away.!


Thank you for the Winter event. The monsters are great. I love the Christmas outfits they are wearing. Just so adorable.

Much prefer Santa hatted owl to creepy snowman. My favorites are the Rudolph nosed ice wolves sporting clip on reindeer horns. :heart_eyes_cat:

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You know you can view the avatars by clicking the icon with the question mark? :slight_smile: Didn’t even think it could be a spoiler haha.

I could roll with the reindeer wolf avatar too!

Basically an avatar for me gotta be either pretty, handsome, or cute :rofl:

hey there guys you did a great job on the winter. thx

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I’m living proof that learning is a lifelong process, lol. Thanks for the

You’re welcome :blush: You can of course check out the avatars available during the Challenge Events the same way!

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