Biggest Ball of Hate Champion!

I am thinking more of time effort with ToL. But in the case of ToL it’s time I enjoy for the challenge. In Ninja Tower the challenge is also there but it takes TOO MUCH TIME.

And yes too much items as well.


Yea I’m not participating in the tower event . I gave up wars and now I’m considering dumping monthly events. Its all becoming a huge waste of my precious time and energy. I hate this developer so so so so much! Hopefully you still find joy here. Me?..I can see right through them now. They are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I have made to 28 floors. But in no way the gameplay was enjoyable. For the entire play I am worried about curses. And there are some curses which are impossible to match and lift.

Also, it should not have compromised TOL for any reason. Why should we denied of TOL for alternate months? I am yet to complete a TOL, last time time I made it to level 8. But I still liked it. And now I am denied of my free pull in TOL.
They clearly did not plan on scheduling it.

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they compromised ToL because they just improved the chances for HotM, free pulls aren’t a good idea anymore so now we have two different portals to summon(more cash from whales) with -25% (for me will be -50%) total free summons(2+2 old ToL versus 2 ToL+1NT). And the NT pull costs like 4-5 RL hours if your bench can afford it. daily work, most people can’t dispose of so much time every day for 5 days in a row.
Tavern of legends is much more player friendly timewise, you have i think 3 days to complete it, adds up like 1 hour of real life and you can play at anytime inside that 3 days time. Moreover, you can even flask it with regular free red flasks, wich can be free obtained versus the gempayed ninja flask.
i hope the cashflow is enough to keep enjoying the rest of the game.

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