Biggest Ball of Hate Champion!

It sure looks like the Ninja tower is a giant success! Seeing the comments flying across the message board makes me wonder which generated more hate? Tellu/Vela nerf or the wonderful Ninja Tower rewards?!

What has generated more hate?!
  • T&V Nerf
  • Ninja Tower

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There should be a “none of the above” option too. :slight_smile:


Personally for me, reading constant comments that show over-the-top rage causes me the most anger


Let’s go the other way and say D. All of the above. :slightly_smiling_face:


Technically, both should be there for conclusive analysis purposes :slight_smile:

Kind of crazy how these two topics can immediately take over the forum right now…

Forgetting “Bad boards” and “Unfair algorithm” turns me into a gigantic ball of hate.


Or the “I just lost to this hero that I attacked in a raid so we must nerf!” threads.


I think the two choices are correct for my question but maybe not for the title of the thread? :thinking:

No, I meant that if you want everyone’s opinion, then you should include more options. For example, where do players like me (who doesn’t hate either of them) vote? :slight_smile:


If you are dedicated, a March Madness bracket type competition would be pretty amusing.


That would be hilarious, only issue is SGG will do something to tick everyone off right after I start it and I would have to reset everything, and then repeat cycle :slight_smile:

I’m usually SGG fanboi number 1 but Ninja tower has really annoyed me :joy:

Feels more like Ninja jail the amount of heroes I’m losing in the damn thing.

So if it’s annoying me with my super strength fanboi shield it must REALLY be annoying those with lesser defences


Haters need to hate. Once things work out there’s always something else to focus your ire towards.


I can’t decide.
But honestly, it made me think about my presence in the forum. Rewards in the Ninja Tower is something we can discuss, I assume it is something we can work on in the future. We did communicate with developers im the past, we can do it in the future. What I don’t understand is so much hate about how difficult it is. Who said we all have to finish it?! From the start it was advertised that it will be a challenging event even for the top players - and it looks like it is. Whining about curse stones? Well, that was the point! Looks to me that much of the frustration is coming from players’ inability to accept defeat. To settle down for wherever they are atm, and try better next time. So, everything became super toxic and I feel like I enjoyed the game much more without this toxicity in the forum.


Great post. And we spoke about the problem with the Costume Chamber and they fixed it. Productive criticism works, constant blathering about the game being a cash grab is BS. When I go to an amusement park, I ride the rides I want to. I don’t sit in front of a kiddie ride or a massive roller coaster saying “I don’t like the ride, this company is GREEDY”. Sometimes man.


Exactly This!

Maybe the gameplay get a bit boring over time, you have to choose your moves wisely because of the curses, i love this in general. This event is nothing for autofarmer. But i going to catch how many free emblems i can. I do not really care for the rest. This is just the first tower. We will see, where the next one goes.


Thanks, I feel better just seeing there are reasonable people out there. :see_no_evil::joy:
Btw, I lost all chances to go further at the level 37. It was an emotional roller coaster, but I guess it is exactly what makes this game so addictive. Next one is in 2 months, let’s see what can I take from this experience and how I will perform. Will be somewhat stronger, and hopefully, smarter. :joy:
Thank you for the fun and free staff.


I am stuck at Lvl. 24, because i not use my fully emblemed heroes for that stage and almost no items.

Tellu/Vela started out hot in this poll but Ninja coming back, who will be crowned the champ!?

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