Bigger titan after you let one go?!?!?!

Every time we’ve let a titan go before, the next one has been a bit smaller, usually a full star level smaller. Especially if we decided to let it go early, and didn’t hit it very hard.

Yesterday’s titan was a 9* Onyx Dragon, with 2,464,000 HP; it was the middle of the night and I didn’t take notes, but it probably had a million HP left.

Today we got a 9* Volcanic Dragon with 2,574,000 HP

I was expecting an 8* after letting one go. Does this happen to anybody else?

It happened to my alliance you let a 7 star pass and the next one was still a 7 star, but it had lower health not higher

We missed a 6 star once and got an 8 star rare next :open_mouth:

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We’ve seen one drop from a big one to a small one in the same star level before, although they usually drop a full star…but I’ve never seen a bigger one!

@princess1, that had to be quite the shock! Did you even try?

Of course :grin: :joy::rofl::smiley::sweat_smile::laughing::smiley: :laughing::wink:

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