Bigger number of flags for alliance banners

My friends from couple of Alliances ask me to contact you guys for a greater number of flags to choose from for Alliance background banner.
In this case we would need flag of BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA,and if possible for badge,we would like Fleur-de-lis.
And I think that many people from Balkans would agree for this topic too,because I haven’t seen flags of Croatia ,Serbia ,and others.
Thank you in advance,and please give me some respond about this request.
Many ,many people would be grateful…


One more flag rewarded for beating a team with higher tp would be nice, but many more doesn’t make sense due to the need of more participating heroes…

Btw this was suggested often, I think.

Olmer, I think you mis-read the request. OP is talking about adding nationals to the the backgrounds for the alliance banner, not adding energy flags in wars.

I’ve edited the title to make this request clearer.


yes,yes background national flags…

Oops, sorry :kissing_closed_eyes:

There are actually a couple of related posts I’ve seen before:

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Thank you Kerridoc,that’s exactly what I meant,and I think and hope that this really is not a big request,and that it could be adopted.
Thank you in advance.


I would like Serbian flag, for Alliance banner and language of the Alliance.

I’ll add the international flag request here, too … the white flag of surrender!

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