Big vs. Small Alliance - Thoughts?

I’ve been a part of 4 alliances now, and at one point was the leader of one. Left my starter alliance due to a little drama, started a mutiny in my second alliance because we were upset about non-participation and lack of leadership. You know how it goes, people opting in for war but not using all their flags, people not hitting the titan, etc. So I started my first alliance with several members from the second.

We were happy, but small (8/30). We took down 4*, 5* titans but the loot was great. I would say there is no difference in the loot you get fighting a 4* titan vs a 10* titan. IMO, getting “good” loot relies entirely on your score in relation to other members’ titan score. (But even then, my SO has gotten rare loot for scoring terribly. So maybe it is truly random.) And since we were small, we strategically made use of all our War flags and opened War Chests on the regular.

But I digress-- my small alliance still yearned to be bigger. So we merged with another alliance. We never established leadership agreement so really, we just became part of their alliance (now 28/30). Some of my old members seem happy there but my goals are no longer being accomplished. We’re not growing, we’re not improving, strategizing. The “leadership” calling it quits on a Titan because it’s projected we can’t take it down, when people have flags left. Losing Wars with several flags left. Considering a few of my old members seem happy there, I’m reluctant to voice complaints because that’s how I started the last mutiny.

So my question is: What’s the benefit of being part of a big alliance? Aside from having more interesting Wars (aka more opponents to choose from), I don’t see what the benefit is. You can still rank Top 100 regardless of your alliance affiliation. To me, it seems worse to be part of a larger group because there are so many variables to account for. And poor leadership makes everything worse.

Thinking about branching off again and starting a new alliance. Wondering if I should just stick it out. Thanks for reading!

I’ve been part of a few alliances and at one point co ran an empire of seven alliances. Smaller alliances are easier to manage and strategize but I disagree with your loot theory. I received way better loot in a top 10 alliance that I have in smaller alliances. I play for the fun and hanging with ppl I’m friends with so I don’t have any big aspirations aside from playing with my friends.

Bigger alliance = higher Titan = more chance of acension items. Since you fighting 10*, you basically guaranteed 3 rolls for acension items compare to just 2 or 1 for fighting 4-5*.
Here a list of 4* items I gotten this year, as you can see i got a lot of Titan

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In my opionion, a strategic retreat from an unbeatable titan is always advisable. I believe most alliances use this strategy. There is no point burning all your flags right down to the wire and then facing the next titan in a weakened position.

We’ve had members in the past that questioned why we would retreat and get angry that we did so. It was impossible to convince them of the “math”. Eventually these members either leave or come to finally understand the validity of the strategy. It is virtually impossible to kill every titan and if, by letting one escape you are stronger for the next one, it’s a winning strategy.


I agree! We also use this strategy, and like you have had people leave because they didn’t understand the reasoning behind it. We are usually top 100, so it’s not as if we can’t take down all of them but sometimes it takes flasks and a lot of high-end battle items…and also ensures we will get an even stronger one next time, and not be prepared for it.

We save our strength for the rares and occasional 12* that come our way.

To the OP…I believe better, higher level titans give better loot in the long run from my own experience. But once you get to those big boys, everybody needs to be pulling their weight for sure!


I was part of a medium alliance. The leadership really stunk and that was before the wars came. He had a rule and never ever fallowed it. Then 1 person left and it got worse. The drama for really really bad and about 6 of us left. We started a new alliance and now we are killing 9* Titans and no drama. We don’t allow it. We also have a lot of fun. We had to start another alliance to help the little ones and they come join us when they get stronger. That way they also know how we fight the Titans and wars and what we expect and know how they are. It is a win win for both alliances.

I’d say there is a lot of avantages in being in a good alliance and size is a secondary consideration. There are a lot of alliances and leaders out there. Find one that suits you :slight_smile: But yes, calling it quits on a titan now and again sounds like good leadership to me.


Thanks all for your feedback, didn’t realize calling it quits on the Titan was so commonplace.

Also didn’t know about the loot being greater at 10* than 4*-- if this is the case, does it matter where you rank in Titan score in order to receive rare loot? Or simply the fact you’re up against a higher * Titan automatically means you get better loot?

There’s a lot of good, informative data on titan loot tiers and scoring here on the forums…I just looked at a good one that also includes elemental chest data that @CheTranqui posted in player guides……
search “setting expectations”

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The bonus item on rare titans has been random as far as I can tell…….it gives everyone an extra roll for that item. We have had people from top to bottom score get it. We just had three get darts from a rare Alpha Gryphon, at least as not everyone reports what they get…but none of those three was the top scorer.

The higher the titan, the more loot rolls you get, so while it doesn’t guarantee better loot, it does give you more chances at better loot.

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Firstly, there is a HUUUUUUUGE difference between loot from a 4* to a 10* titan. Please don’t make false claims.

Secondly, the main purpose of alliances are for the ability to obtain better loot from alliance wars and titan hits. So a “bigger alliance” is better than a smaller alliance.

Thirdly, I like bigger groups because there are good friendships that can be made in larger groups. Yes, it sucks when leadership aren’t doing their job, but there are thousands of alliances that have good, foundational leadership. So I suggest you leave and find an alliance that you are comfortable in. One that is as motivated as you are.

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There’s not a real answer here.
Be in a bigger alliance of course can be more beneficial for your ascension material drops (there’s no way 4-5* have similar loot of 10*, trust me), still that’s true only (as you saw for yourself) the bigger alliance is more or at least equally organized compared to the smaller one.

What’s more, people are different and people like to play in different ways. And people is subject to change their point of view over time.
If you feel it was better staying in a smaller alliance right now… just do it and go by yourself.
You can really be happier and get more loot doing it.

But rather then think about items and drops, think about the choice bringing more enjoyment to you in the game overall right now.

Nothing is set in stone, and you are allowed to change your mind 2 days from now :wink:


read here

oh, I forgot that it is outdated because it doesn’t have changes since 11* and 12* were added.
Tier 14 loot also gives another additional roll for loot.

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This doesn’t sound like you’ve been having alliance size issues, but alliance fit issues. You entered into a merger with an alliance that didn’t fit the growth and competitive style you’re looking for.

This isn’t going to get any better, unless you talk with your current leadership alliance and everyone gets on the same page about being competitive (and that will probably also mean some turn over in the alliance given the lack of AW flag usage, etc). But most likely you merged with a more casual alliance and now you’ll either need to leave by yourself or drag the competitive people out with you and join a more competitive alliance. That’s clearly what you want from the game and NOT what your current alliance wants (though more might want that then you think, but you never know until you ask).

PS on a different note - many alliances choose to take a pass on titans if the previous one went down to the wire. (ie. killed titan #1 at the wire, then pass on titan 2 to ensure killing titan 3). Even if you could kill it, you would be bone dry for the next one and have to pass again. So better to just pass the 2nd and ensure you can kill the 3rd, rather than overestimate what you can do on the second, use a bunch of items/flasks and still have to let it go, especially when you’d have to let the next one go anyway.


Passing on a titan once or twice a week is part of the game for most all alliances.

Depending on your membership, there may be a big difference better or worse with some colors, but your alliance can kill a certain size titan sustainably, And has to stretch, taking advantage of levelups and titan flasks to kill a bigger one.

Plus in the 22 hours you can hit the titan you each earn 5 titan flags. But if you let one go at the 11 hour mark, everybody will have a full 3 flags in addition to what they earn.

Most alliances don’t have every player hitting right when the titan spawns … but the difference applies anyway; it is easier to kill a titan after letting one go. (Usually a star size smaller too)

The normal cycle is over a few days the kill time gets closer to the escape time until you let one go.


Bigger titans give better loot, mire slots for high level ascension materials, so it’s worth to be in an alliance where you are A±C with as high titan as possible.

Skipping some titans is normal in most alliances, only the top ones can take 12*s in a row, others need to skip in order to gather more flags and items for the next.

When it comes unused flags, I left two alliances before because they didn’t want to ask for all flags in or didn’t manage to enforce it. Now I play in an alliance with not only all flags in, but in cooperative startegy mode. For me it’s much more fun this way, while I understand now why my competitive war style and push was tiresome for my earlier alliance mates.

If you are unhappy with the unused flags, you could take up the problem with leadership or within the alliance, that could either end up in a change or lead to you leaving/another “mutany”. There are a lot of alliances out there having a semi-competitive or full-competitive playstyle, creating a new alliance or joining an established one with same playstyle that you want is very possible.

Good luck!


Again, thanks everyone for the input!

Based on what I’ve read, the consensus is loot IS better with the higher star Titan and yes, it’s wise to pass on the Titan in order to get the next one.

That being said, I do think my current alliance is a casual one due to the lack of War flag usage and enforcement… so I will be looking for another alliance. Just sucks is all, I like a lot of the people I’ve grown to know but I don’t want to cause trouble. I have a few of their LINE’s so I’ll KIT that way.

Our alliance usually hovers around 27 members and we have a good mix. The key is that no one squabbles and we have participation rules. They are pretty loose but enough that we aren’t dragging dead weight.

I agree with others. You need an alliance that fits you better.

You should decide if you want to be ultra competitive or more casual. My alliance is pretty mediocre but we are strong enough to get reasonable loot. One day I may move on to be more competitive, but for now I am happy helping everyone along


My alliance is part of an alliance family, playing on different levels. Common line group across all alliances for sharing info and fun. Hit up our leader on Line if you would like to talk: djlite247

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Thank you so much! Contacted your leader on LINE :slight_smile:


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