Big differences in cup gain

Last night I won the enemy’s raids. The first enemy has 3927 TP and the second one 4268. Still a big difference in cup gains. My defense team has a TP of 4192.

Cups gained or lost is a factor of how many cups the other person has. It is completely unrelated to team power (other than a higher team power can achieve more cups).


This ^^

When you get nearer to the top (2700+) the cups you gain from very good teams starts going down and down. Suddenly a 4750 defence gives 11 cups to me for the win and 45 to them if I lose.

However once I have had the inevitable fall back to 2500 that same team might be worth 45 to me for the win or 11 if I lose.

What TP I have is irrelevant

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How could it be that with a 4200 defense team you understand so little about raids? TP is of no consequrnce when it comes to cups gained/lost in a raid. The more cups your enemies have, the more cups you will get if you defeat them. Cups at stake total is always 61 in a raid. If you go in, let’s say, with a 45/16 (61 total, you see?) ratio, it means that you have a lot less cups than your opponent. If you win you’ll get 45 cups and if you lose, you’ll lose 16. If you win, your opponent will lose 45 cups and if you lose, he’ll get 16. That simple. Only one exception. If you and your target have exactly the same number of cups, the cups at stake total will be 60 with a 30/30 ratio. The TP of your enemy strictly referes to their defense team. You have absolutely no way of knowing what TP they use when they attack you., so their defense team TP has nothing to do with the teams they used to attack you.

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