Big Blue Limit Break dilemma

Hi all,

it seems that today is my day!
I don’t even remember the last time I pulled a leggendary hero (probably last summer…)
and today I pulled two top tier 5* heroes!!!

For sure I’m going to level up and emblem both of them but…
Which one to Limit Break?
I need it especially for raid/war defence.

Thanks in advance for your advices

  • C-Master Lepus
  • C-Finley

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I have a hard time seeing how finley is not the answer unless you’ve got better defense down options.


Finley is awesome but very buff dependant. Lepus is versatile, is an AoE hitter no matter what (only taunt can make him hit 1 lol). I’d personally go with cLepus.

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finley. most of heroes now have buff. finley can give devastating attack with strong dd without any penalty like lepus does


I’d prolly use both for awhile , lb the one you like best after that


@Wardaddy had the best advice imho, use the heroes and then decide. For me, if you’re speaking strictly defense, lepus is the better option. Since Finley is buff dependent, the opposing team can take advantage of that. I take ferant against Finley and just watch him murder himself lol. Or just hold your buffs til after he fires. How do you stop the damage from lepus? I hate the ailment and I think Finley is way cooler overall, but I’d still say lepus. On offense, hands down Finley just because he looks like so much fun to use.

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Can not be wrong limit breaking one over the other anyways. Both very good.

First of all, thanks all fir the advices|

I have Atena (without costume)… :thinking:

This is exactly my dilemma. Finley is stronger but buff dependant…

You’re right… I’ll test both and I hope to be able to choose…
But it is just for few months; next blue Omega I’ll break the other one! :rofl:
The are by far my best heroes (same element of course…), I hardly think that I can pull a third strong blue candidate in a few months…

But please don’t stop advices and votes! Especially if you face one of them in raid!

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