Big bazar Christmas day. All players they can choose 1 player (HOTM) of the 12 month

At the last of the year all player’s he can chooses one player from 12 player’s of the month
Donate player’s he can choose 2 players from 12 player’s of the month
I thing is good idea for us and for server if we can choose not luck thnx.

Or you can give in the middle of path of Valor one coin when the player he has 10-12 coins at the end of the year’s he can choose 1 player of the month.
I think that is the time to give empires and puzzles something real good to simple players

Oh my god imagine 100% of the game with Telluria.
I would delete my account :rofl:


Das wäre super aber wie funktioniert das ?

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Those coins should written with a year… so 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.
Coins: “HOTM-2017”, “HOTM-2018”, etc…
At the end of year, each one coin can choose HOTM based on what year it is written.


You can choose malosi or grimble to defeat it :wink:

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