Beyond Reason

Looking for players any level that love to play. But also have a real life. There are no requirements for trophies. Just hit the titan when you log on. Also war is optional. So kill stuff with us and have fun. Hope to see you soon. Open to all.

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You might want to leave a little more information to recruit successfully. Some tips would be:

Leave the name of your alliance.

Any requirements as far as number of trophies,TP minimum, etc.

Do you use LINE chat or equivalent?

Alliance vision and goals?

Just trying to get you more responses and feel that you need to leave a little more information to be successful. Most of all just trying to help.

Good luck :grinning:
Any other suggestions?


Nope I agree, you will get more responses if you list the requirements, or if there are no requirements then saying there’s none helps too :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for the feed back anc1ent1

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Thanks so much for your help as well.

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