Beware “gem generator” lies / Scam for gems

There are all kinds of lies trying to get you to download things for free gems. My friend tried it for a few days he said never got anything!!! I told him it was made up !!! People getting paid for you to download poop on your phone or PC!!! What do you guys think about this and have you seen it ???


Some games do participate in reward systems like that, but as far as my knowledge goes, this is not one of those games. The limited gem rewards are through gameplay missions and quests, and watching ads through mystic vision.

Other off-game rewards are done through contests here, and through the official SG accounts on Facebook and Reddit. But these are usually small little things like the ♾ The Thanos Challenge – A Competition of Skill & Creativity, or something like “post the answer to this question and you have a chance to win!” or whatever

Anyone claiming they’ll give you gems if you download an app or whatever… is lying to you :stuck_out_tongue:


Basicly gem generators are illegal, you shouldn’t use them beacuse your account can be banned :man_shrugging:


I agree with Radar… though I would really like to get more gems to get more summon etc…if I have to play fair …and grind that’s the way it gotta be.

I do know at one point " these things " possibly worked but before my time playing … :sweat_smile:


You don’t get gems from generators at all. That’s just crap to set up worms, key loggers and trojans to your phone.

If your account wasn’t banned by SG, it’ll possibly get raped, which would be much more harmful than an official ban.

Gem generators doesn’t exist. It’s just scam.


Yes they are use a game we enjoy to fake people with false stuff it’s crazy !!! I was just letting everyone know not to waste your time !!!

Beware any ‘free’ app that offers you free gems. It could be a virus that steals your bank info or something even worse.


I edited your title for clarity. i hope that’s okay. :slight_smile:


If you find one that works, you get temporarily banned if SG finds out but you get to keep the stuff u got with the gems

At least that’s what happened in the past.

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.* insert you don’t say meme here. *

I have to wait and work and learn , we all have to you know. I like this game but it’s challenging !!!

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I have seen these types of things for MANY different games in the past. They are all scams, even when they actually work, because they are mainly to get your personal information for their own nefarious schemes.

Avoid at all cost.


At a minimum, you end up with a negative gem balance if you do anything to fraudulently obtain gems, like chargebacks.

The only way to get gems in-game is through a payment transaction with Google or Apple, so you’d have to find some way to spoof a successful transaction to the servers (since the gem balances aren’t maintained on your local phone). Or you’d have to hack the servers directly.

Anyone who knows how to do either of those things isn’t wasting their time selling cheap gems to MMO games.


They are if their real end game is gathering info off your phone. The cheap gems are just a way to entice you in to their web of lies, like the Nigerian Minister with the $10,000,000 he needs to get out of the country.


Seems like someone did cause it worked until they got caught lol and those players are still playin so…

Sure they got a neg gem balance, but not hard to pay that back in small increments through a credit company while enjoying the things the splurges of hacked gems got them

Just sayin to deter this kind of thing, permanent bans is the way to go


This was through facebook(figure out how they got caught lol)

They paid a guy for hacked gems

He hooked em up with gems that were cheaper than going through the in game store

And then they used the gems no problem on whatever they wanted

In the end they got caught temporarily suspended, then reinstated with negative gem balance but all the goods the hacked gems got them intact. So was still beneficial for them to do so, especially if they maxed troops for a few hundred bucks instead of a couple thousand or whatever it really costs


I started playing after that happened but I have seen similar enticements for other games. Never was tempted myself (I blame my puritanical upbringing) but I researched it and found that the vast majority of these are scams aimed to get as much info out of you as they can – period. Yeah, you MAY gain the benefit of a bonus in the game you’re playing but you also gain the benefit of being on every scam mailing list on existence or worst case having your identity stolen.

I’ve seen it happen to friends of mine. Not good.

Maybe they did gain something in gems, but what did he get from them that maybe they aren’t even aware of?


Idk and doesn’t effect me

The game is competitive though(this is one of the top alliances) so i do feel the in game benefit does effect everyone else drivin to compete. And can totally see how/why someone would take the gamble.

Do i advise it? Hell no lol. But for everyone to act like gems cant be scammed or that no one has done it relatively succesfully is a bit naive and I’d prefer to have all facts on the table.

If people know it’s possible, then when someone says they can/have done it, they are more likely to be reported to sg than to just be brushed off as being full of it


Oh for sure if the option is there people will definitely be tempted to take it regardless of the ramifications. Especially if they have had a run of bad luck summons pulls. My point is just think twice about what you are getting yourself into outside of the game if you do.


This is the moment where i swoop in and post the Rules. :grin:

Good conversation thus far.


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