Better winter event rewards


Either that or have multiple winter challenges

A 25 day challenge that only gives a troop token epic hero token and about 9000 worth of expierience in trainers is bad


And then u have bs like this


@Denys this is SG’s first Winter Event. I think they have done a great job. Did you have fun playing with the dressed up opponents? Did you like the music? Remember, there are only twenty people who create this play ground for us. I’m pretty sure they are putting in some very loooong days to make this all happen.
Cheer up, it will get better.
Merry winter and Jolly holidays!


Nah i didint really care about that, I would have much rather have it left untouched and throw in more ascension items lol

But yeah I get what you’re saying they are trying I just think they make this game wayyyyy to dam hard


As a heavy consumer of items, all those freaking items were great. And my epic token got me perseus who quickly ate all those trainers, lol. I think it was solid for a first try.

This game tests your patience and will at times…but man it’s fun!


Well that’s really a lot … Sarcastic seen …


For a different view: :wink:


CGood points here; let’s provide some constructive feedback to help SG make a better event next year. Some specific thoughts, echoing some points from the OP:

  1. Light experience. Typical farming runs generate 272xp/flag (at province 8.7). The event levels were tricky and slow, so should have generated at least as much. This is a cheap give.
  2. The crafting mats were helpful leading into the challenge event. No complaints there.
  3. I would put the epic hero token last. It’s an irresistible item. An ally commented to me that he felt like stopping after the token was the most efficient, as all the flags burned afterwards could have farmed nearly as much trainer fodder.
  4. Consider adding some ascension mats along the way, perhaps with a warm cape as the best (seasonally appropriate!).
  5. If rewards aren’t increased markedly, reduce flags used. This was a big drain.
    Overall I enjoyed the event on its own terms, but there’s room for improvement next year. Thanks, SG!


They give us something, and we ask for more.
They give us more, and we ask for more again.

Seriously, sometimes just a thanks is better.


I appreciated that the epic token was NOT the final item; this way many more players who might not reach the brass ring could still get something worthwhile.

And those who made it all the way to the end still got the bragging rights with that Snowman avatar. :grin:


I just want the event to be a monthly occurrence :smiley:

Which means I liked it. The rewards didn’t blow my pants off, but it was a nice shake up. If you do 1 stage a day it’s really not a noticeable drain on the energy.

Monthly avatars would be nice for collectors, increased and predictable supply of crafting items won’t hurt.

Adds variety, reduces boredom, and makes the game seem fuller.

Does not need to have new music and graphics each time obviously.