Better way to increase special skill of maxed out hero

Ok that’s possible. If so then I apologize.

Ravindau - no apology necessary. I agree with you completely. Getting just one cost me a bit of cash.

It is costly, but it is also a guaranteed method to increase the skill level without wasting many heroes.

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What if there was a specific item or recipe or enchant that could be found in general or craft at Forge that would help to level 3* s specials? I think that would be a very nice idea, since we use now 3* s, but in lots of cases we don’t have their specials maxed and to spare bunch of duplicates isn’t beneficial at all.
So let’s say it’s an item that can be crafted and costs x hams, y iron and/or some 3* items like battle manual, chainmail shirt, scabbard, tall boots. This way no one could say we don’t have to invest, still it would be a rational way to help ourselves a bit at events or AW now.
Cheers! :slight_smile:

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If it was 3* specific, I’d be on board… :wink:

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I like the rare drop idea. Get an item that increases hero special with 100% chance.

It would feel like a nice little farm bonus :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing by taking time to read the post on this topic that the dev’s aren’t responding to this issue? Has anyone come up with a solution as of yet? I’ve tossed 121 heros at Hawkmoon using every possible combination from color to class not to mention the food its taken and shes still stuck at 7/8. Nothing better than a game you can add money to and get the generic dev. response " please continue to be patient as we are looking into this"

Have you tried 10 red 1* feeders?
That should give you a guaranteed level up on skill.

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Really? Few updates back they made upgrading special skills easier, when you have a hero maxed the chance to upgrade a skill is multiplied by 5, you just need to feed her 10 red 1* or 5 red 2* heroes to get 100%… P.S. Third way is to feed her with 1 duplicate Hawkmoon.

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I’ve tried 10 1* red heros, another 10 1* heros that resembled a rainbow, I’ve fed her 10 red 2* heros (twice) I’ve sent a rainbow of 2* heros to her, I gave her 5 2* heros and 5 3* heros all red, I’ve given her 3 3* red trainer heros 5 2 * heros red and 2 more 3* heros all red, not to mention all the other throw together junk I could send her over the last 4 weeks. 1rst response from dev’s. were " there is no guarantee hero special skill will increase on every level up" 2nd response 2 weeks ago was " please continue to be patient as we are looking into this". The generic responses remind me of GOW send them $100 and you get the please be patient.

That’s odd… When you add red 1* hero to feeding does it say 10% like in this screenshot? It should say 100% when you add 10, and still it doesn’t upgrade? If so, grab some screenshots or record a video doing this, because this would clearly be a bug.

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If this is the case than you need to open a ticket.
10x 1* red should level the special 100%
5x2* red should level the special 100%
1x Hawkmoon should level the spell.

If above options did not make the special go up, open a support ticket.

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I can send 8 2* heros and it shows 100% but after it’s done I get the “special skill did not increase”. I have opened a ticket with a screenshot of hero before adding heros, heros added, and after heros wasted. The only thing I’ve not done is sent in a video but right after I posted this in the forum I got another message from this who has sent the other responses and this response was…are these dev’s. actually serious?

Hey your response on this is greatly appreciated but it would seem that my post was flagged as inappropriate for some reason and has been hidden so I’m assuming that the subject is something I cant talk about my friend. Once again thanks for taking the time to offer your help…much respect for you and the others

I think it was your screen with conversation about a support request in it that triggered that.
Normally it is not appropriated if you place those.
So discus away :slight_smile:

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So I’m in the forum discussing an issue that obviously others have, I get a response that may or may not be helpful to others with this same problem, offer it to this community so that they can exhaust any possible lead, and they flag it then hide it? That certainly gives a clear picture

Hi there! :slight_smile:

The answer is in Forum Rules, #14, which states Posting any private messages or e-mails (regardless of topic) received from staff, moderators or support is strictly prohibited.

The discussion of the topic is not a problem, the disclosing of emails is.

As regards your issue, I have sent 10 x 2* before and not received a skillup. Other times, it only required 1-2 x 2*. I think the skillup is on some kind of counter (that counts over more than one session of adding heroes), and when I reach “enough”, hey presto, it works.


You’ll have to forgive me please, but when a rule is made that prevents me from sharing information that could possibly help others then I see a bigger problem than a hero who’s skill will not max out after 118 heros have been wasted trying. Perhaps instead of them thinking that email was worth remaining private they should be more concerned with fixing a problem that more than just a few have, but I thank you for explaining the rule as I’m sure I’ll see more flags eventually

I realize this is an old feature request, however what Redeye describes has been implemented already, to the point where you can reach guaranteed special skill level ups by using same color 1* and 2* heroes.

As such, I am going to close this thread