Better to level 2 4* or bring a 5* to 3/70

I have seshat at 2/60 I can bring her to 3/70 then await mats to ascend further or I could bring both Sabina and Gafar to 4/70. I’m thinking to do the 4*. Thoughts?

It depends on how the rest of your roster is aligned. Seshat is one of the best heroes in the game right now.

However for wars and challenges and stuff it is always good to have a variety of healers (per my more knowledgeable alliance teammates…my main account is not a good barometer of leveling acumen)


Maxed 4* heroes are almost always better than 5* at 3-70. You should definitely max Sabina and Gafar, who will help you a lot with titans, raids and AW, instead of taking Seshat to just 3-70.


Well… depending on how many mats the OP is short, he may be able to max Seshat with the rewards during the Return to Morlovia - Halloween event.

In which case, a maxed Sabina & maxed Seshat would be optimal.

I find this to be very true. Just today, I experimented with a 3.70 Justice. One shot from Kage and dead. My 3.70 Richard almost always rides pine in favor of a 4.70 triton.

I find that 3.70 is just too weak defensively and can’t last long enough, at least in diamond. In lower tiers, you may have more success.


Gafar is especially useful in his class trial :wink:
Clerics lack in hitter and his -healing % is wonderful against Vivica in these trial :partying_face:
So don’t discard him

I prefer to build a strong 4* before working on 5*, so maxing Sabina and Gafar before Seshat would be my choice as well


Definitely Sabina / Gafar over Seshat. I tried 3/70 Seshat in raids alongside my emblemed Proteus and Sabina, and she died too easily. having maxed 4*s along really helped.

Will these be your first maxed Purples? As voidstrike says, also consider the rest of your roster. Assuming you have no Purples maxed yet, I say Sabina > Gafar > Seshat.

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No I have Rigard, & Tibs maxed with emblems. Then 4 3* maxed as well.

Two 4* I think. Even before 2 5* 3-70

They’re generally stronger.

Also it gives you depth for wars.

4* should be the core of your team for a long time.


Seshat is quite good at 3.70. I had the same dilemma and maxed Proteus instead of her before bringing her to 3.70. While I don’t regret maxing Proteus, my 3.70 Seshat often outlives him. Right now I am considering leaving her at 3.70 and maxing Ursena. I may end up maxing Seshat instead - she is that good.

Ah. in this case, I say still go Sabina > Gafar > Seshat… but, once you get enough Tabards to max Seshat, you could consider pausing Sabina or Gafar…

and if you have other dispellers, maybe Gafar before Sabina. Sabina is great, but you also have Rigard for healing, so depends how important dispel is for you.


Considering this, I would say that maxing 4*s at this point is going to be more beneficial.

You want to color stack during raids, wars, titan battles, and tough campaign level against what the enemies are weak to usually. That makes your match damage far stronger. So having those maxed 4*s will be much better for that purpose, as you’ll have 2 more good heroes rather than just 1 more. That way you will rely on your purple 3*s less, and your purple match damage will be fairly strong while your heroes don’t clock out as easily.

Better to level both 4 stars than have a weak 5 star. In the Halloween event, there is gonna be a garanteed tabard in the advanced difficulty. Unless they reworked it, bottom line you will be able to get at least one tabard and one trap tool.

Do level up and max Sabina and Gafar. The health reduction that Gafar brings to the table is very useful for the class quests.

Seshat is the answer in this case I feel. Last week I raided up to #27 world ranking using two 3/70 Seshats in my line up