Better Titan attack stats – show number of Flags Used/Attacks Made in Addition to Score

As an alliance leader, I certainly agree with the need to get data to build statistics for our alliance so we can help our members to improve and thus improve our alliance. Is anything in the works to give us access to the data collected during Titan battles and Alliance Wars?

+1 for this.

The stats we need as alliance leaders are:

  • Alliance result on titan (full titan life vs damage done)
  • Members average damage-per-banner (especially useful to decide who should spend flasks on which titan color)
  • Members assiduity (number of banners hit per titan)

It would be almost free to do the same for the wars, too. It’s almost the same problem but please put the alliance member name in the stats with N/A as a score so we know who opts out and who doesn’t hit.

I’m using OCR to read the screenshots of the titans/wars results from chat but that’s over-complicated.
It would be awesome to have stats that look like this

The titan was defeated.
Type: Nature 7*
Total life: 1 298 000
Top attackers:
[1] Welaloth (7 banners): 127 593
[2] Biresien (5 banners): 119 398
[3] Boebard (6 banners): 115 619
[4] Eluria (5 banners): 99 386

That should be really easy for devs and something very useful for alliance leaders.

Also, it would help a LOT to be able to extract the data with a copy link. OCR is already something but it tends to mess up some characters and linking scores to alliance members can be complicated.

Typing the stats by hand is a no-go.


I really cant comprehend the reason why SG refuses to improve titan statistics…



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Voted this

20 characters

I would like to see logs that coleaders or leaders can download.

I would really like to see a full combat log for each hit, items used how many debuffs cast, how many ailments absorbed, healing amount etc. War and titan. Your game is already submitting this data and a text file cant take up that much room. Plus a good amount of this you probably already track. Just include it in the log so that we can parse the log and analyze our hits.

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Yes, agreed. Add a menu option for the war and titan hit logs that allows you to send the text of the log to another app or via email. We can parse it ourselves.

Asked for this several times over the past year, but no acknowledgement. :frowning:


I will be happy just to see simply flag counter with score. It will be enough to see activity and average damage. I mean it will be enough even.

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I just found out if you go options, click support at top, and at bottom there is RECENT ACTIVITY. This shows you your loot.

Would like to see that too.

it only shows 3* and better items. i wanna see my low tier loot! :grin:

Just bumping …

Make titan scores show the players amount of flags used with it for us leaders to see who is leaving flags on the table very easy to do like this for example 136,334/7 or 22,356/2 or 497,798/11 it would make it great for leadership of every alliance

You might get more attention to your topic if you rename it to something about flag usage on titans and alliance member participation.

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I’ve borrowed the first line.

@Scottleofbotch, it’s a reasonable idea, but it’s easier to search with a bit on info in the title.

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Isn’t this a repeat thread? @zephyr1 you may want to combine

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Why does it seems like your idea will be a punitive measure in removing members who don’t hit the titan!?

Can’t you just have a co -leader or yourself just look through the list of attacks and timestamps to see who hit the titan ?

I do know a 0 (at the end of the timer ) would obviously mean that memeber didn’t hit so that’s an easy fix.

Perhaps a history of titans battles and logs could help :thinking:

Most new idea posts people create are, especially if it’s a good or useful idea.

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

Have a great idea that wont take a lot of space but put players hits next to player score for titans like 126,335/4 or 12,410/1 that way you know how many people are actually helping and how many flags are left on the table? Thoughts?


This is a fantastic idea.

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A flag’s counter next to player’s names into the titan’s total damage log would be a very great idea!


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