Better Titan attack stats – show number of Flags Used/Attacks Made in Addition to Score

Why after ? It should be there by default all time.


A really good idea and very helpful for leader.

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Agree, want it all the time. It also can be like:

  1. Player 1 (6) - 143500
  2. Player 2 (4) - 141200
  3. Player 3 (5) - 120100
    Where (6) is number of attacks. And same for titan and war results. And it’s looks like not very complicated to implement that statistics in the game (at least from player point of view).

I agree. It should be there all the time. It will greatly help the work of leaders and co…

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Как добавить тему для обсуждения? Я тут в первый раз.

This is great idea…

Can you add beside the damage by player,the total number of attacks/energys?
This will help me see who is active fighting

(quoting from a thread I’m closing)


stupid sentence structure validation. :frowning:

Будет очень хорошо если будет реализована функция сохранения результатов последних 4 или 5 атак на титанов и результатов 2 войн

google translated by mod. Please post in English

It will be very good if the function of saving the results of the last 4 or 5 attacks on the Titans and the results of 2 wars is implemented.

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If I could vote more than once, I’d vote this up again.


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Bump for more attention. @petri


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There are lots of threads and people asking for this. And for a very long time. But still nothing…

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Bumping because I’d really like to see this implemented

Not only you

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Hope you voted for it then! :smiley:

Sure. Long ago.

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But judging from New Year notification about new features for 2019 looks like this thread not in favour.

Not to say that this topic created in July 2017. Long ago for simple feature that must be here from the start. Abandon ye hope who enters here.

Hope shall live strong on these forums! :-p

Actually, precisely because of my desire to be able to track my own stats better, I am in the process of recording almost all of my titan hits. There are two things that I want to see when I click on my name within the Titan screen. I want a popup that:

  1. Lists previous titans, separated by color
  2. Tracks damage done per hit to that titan
  3. Tracks team composition that did that damage

Since the game doesn’t do this right now, I’m doing it myself. I’m recording my hits and tracking team comp, along with dmg done… the purpose is so that I can actually test various compositions and not lose track of which team was my best for the next time that the same color titan rolls around. This stuff makes a difference!

On that note… a little plug here: I only have 1 titan’s worth of video uploaded so far, but you can check out that playlist here. I’ll be adding 3 more titans’ hits over night tonight, along with more E&P content, too. :grin:

Love this request and many of the suggestions put forth - really hope that they find a good way to implement it soon!

Bump, PLEASE!!!

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