Better Titan attack stats – show number of Flags Used/Attacks Made in Addition to Score

A couple things I miss from a previous game.

Alliance could set their time zone. The daily challenge (dungeon there, titan here) started the same time everyday. Stats stayed up until the next daily challenge started.

I completely doubt that the devs are going to give us all an API feed for our alliance data, but if we could at least get the information to stay up for 24 hours, it would be a huge step in the right direction.

Hello All,

I would like to add new topic regarding statistics.
Quite often our team consider how many attacks
and how big was max dmg for each member,
but counting and checking all shots one by one
is not a perfect method to set statistics for members.

In my opinion I would be comfortable to add statistics
to the list where total dmg on titan is showed.
By statistics I mean: quantity of attacks, the highest dmg in one shot
and in the end total dmg.

What do You think about that?
Dear Admins, is it worth to consider?

AK Cruders

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Hi all,
I come here to tell a lot about think which come from my alliance and my friend Bloody Ninja.
We would like see more info alliance in Topattackers, now you can see statistic players. We would like to see how many times allies used Energy points from the battle of Titan.
It could be gif pasted Little Arrow before numbers of damage or purple flags from series.
Best regards Rebus

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So you want to know—during the Titan’s 23 hour battle—how often each player hits?

Or perhaps how many hits(flags) a player used on the titan, marked beside their total damage?
I know this would be helpful for leaders! :grinning:


Yes Rook, this is exactly what i mean. Like Say Coppersky this helpful for leaders and motivation for allies.

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Please, please, pretty please add more stats to the final Titan “report”. # of hits would be a key one. As it stands right now, you can’t export any data from the game. So to get hard data on total hits and Titan damage I have to take screen shots of every Titan hit. And you can only get like 8 at a time due to the small window. Then if you don’t get them within a specific time frame they disappear. Once I get the screen shots I have to enter it into excel and crunch the data. (As seen below (names have been masked to protect the innocent. LOL))

As you can see, by having the number of hits on a Titan, I was able to determine what everyone’s average hit should be, how much damage they should do per Titan and how much damage they are doing as compared to their team power. By doing this, I have been able to find our weaknesses and work on building up those who need to improve their scores.

This was a small sample though (4 titans) and was very time consuming and a pain in the butt. I will have to do it again to be able to see where we are compared to the baseline. A little help would go a long way. Thank you.


I totally agree! That’s one thing we really need as Alliance leaders.


Has there been any talk of anything being implemented in this regard? I think the event log -used to- be able to keep all hits before titan hits were changed.

Where I’m at now is mostly wanting to see what has already been suggested. At the very least, please extend the log so I can manually count how many hits each person has performed on a titan. A tally beside member names is a nice idea, but that doesn’t tell me who has hit and how often on the -current- titan. After it’s dead doesn’t really help as much, but it would be better than nothing.

Hoping to find out if something is in-the-works. Thanks!

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Hey Jon! Can I have the link to your line chat? Or ate you guys on discord?

Or expanded detail inboxed to alliance leader!

Still waiting & hoping…

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Hi all. New to the forum. How do we know if someone has actualy looked at this? I am now vice leade rof an ally and going through the small screen counting atacks is a pain!

To my knowledge, this has not been implemented (yet?)

There is a special list that goes over the current projects of the Devs, called the Shortlist, found here:

I suggest reading through it to see if this feature is mentioned. If not, you can add it to the bottom in a comment, or link back to here.

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I just noticed an addition to the titan stats today. In the summary of damage for the titan it now shows players that haven’t hit with 0 scores. It’s nice to not have to figure out who hasn’t hit yet!

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Yes, this complete list of alliance members in the attack stats was a very welcome addition!

I, too, want to be able to export full data from the event log. It’s a way to monitor the alliance, but also to give players solid feedback to help know how they’re doing and where they most need to improve

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Any chance of implementing the Android share feature on the Titan and war hit logs? It’d be beneficial to email myself the logs.


Have we lost hope on this feature too?
Because I haven’t

After a war or titan fight add the number of how many attacks the players did in it
Something like:
War - 146 points / 4 - where 4 is 4 attacks. Even if they got 0 points from some of them.
Titan - 145000 dmg / 6 - the player attacked the titan 6 times for total of 145K dmg.
It will help to track better players activity in group events. And it will help for better Alliance’s management.

A really good idea! It will greatly facilitate the leader. It will not hurt if there are a little more statistics.

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