Better Titan attack stats – show number of Flags Used/Attacks Made in Addition to Score

In addition to seeing the cumulative score vs Titan by player, would be great to also see the number of attacks they have made.


I’d love to be able to see three things after the Titan dies:

  • Overview of player totals (who hit, who didn’t, how much)

  • List of player hits/how much; this would show me which of my players needs improvement/ encouragement

  • My list of goodies! Honestly, if I click too fast, I miss it, and then I don’t know if I got anything valuable for the Titan.

Help meeeeeee! (I understand this list might not be possible to do).


Agreed. A “dps meter” of sorts would be great.


This, I’ve fat fingered the loot screen when it came up, and unlike other screens where you have to hit a button, titan loot just disappears and I have to rummage through my inventory to see what drops.


Yes, could use most of these. Also would love to see who didn’t hit while the Titan is alive. I find myself having to read over and over both the list of attackers and members to try finding who is he one that didn’t hit.


Hi, there,

Just something I think would help me and other Alliance Leaders - can we build in a feature that can show Alliance member contributions over time to Titan battles? I host an Alliance that welcomes new players, and find that there are a lot of players that join the game then slowly drift away for whatever reason. It’s tedious trying to go in to the history and see who did or didn’t participate in Titan battles, plus that only seems to show the last three or four battles. It’d be nice to be able to see in the Alliance members tab, the name of each member, and the number of Titan battles fought or the percentage of Titan battles fought over a certain time span (e.g. a week, a month).

This would allow Leaders, Co-leaders and Elders to draw up thresholds and rules for their respective Alliances and give all players a completely objective and consistent view of why they may be in danger of being booted.



My alliance uses an App called line. There we capture all titans daily and simply post on our line group and leader group to simplify this. Let me show you an older sample. We post a starting point, midpoint and completion in our group chat and then only post the end point in our leader group. One can easily use the photo feature on line app to go back quickly. I can look back over a month ago and see what and how we did.
This is helpful foe group and individual progression. I hope this helps in some way. 2017-10-25-08-16-55|387x499

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Easy to track daily

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Dear Devs,

Is it possible to expand the statics of the titan attacks. Not only thje score, but als how manay attacks someone did, and an average of it.

Thank you for your fastest reply.

greetings Darth


It would be nice if the eventlog from a titan battle could be extracted in some way, like “copy to clipboard” or something. :slight_smile:

And mabye go one step further and do the same for map quest battles? Or is that to data heavy?



just to add to that: if the eventlog could track how many times each member hit the titan…it would be really helpful


Short term I’d just like the full event log per battle rather than the last X number (I haven’t counted but I know my early hits do scroll off by the end of it), longer term it’d be awesome if this could be exposed via some API to the players but an export would be a happy middle ground.

Really short term we can screen shot and just copy it somewhere though I admit this sucks, but I can see the use for it from an alliance management perspective if chasing titans.

+1 to the general idea. :slight_smile:


I really like Smore’s idea of the adding how many times a member attacked, too!

…also, please extend the log, as by changing to 4 hours “refill time”, it’s not possible to see the first attacks anymore.


Bumping this thread without any shame or guilt haha!

Any chance of this happening any time soon guys?
It would make life a whole lot easier for a whole lot of people :slight_smile:

@Petri @RubiKinga @mhalttu


When running an alliance & doing your best to ensure everyone is playing actively (understanding that people have lives & jobs, etc) it would be a huge benefit to have a more complete Titan Hit Log. Knowing which players hit when during the Titan and knowing how many times each player hits would be a beneficial management tool.
I want my alliance to function fairly for all players. When there is a player (or 2) who seem to only hit 1-3 times at the very end of a Titan that’s not fair to the people who make time to hit with all of their flags throughout the Titan’s time.

Thx for your consideration.

Artemis ~ Thirsty Beavers


I agree that this would be a very useful addition, and would help give leaders/co-leaders a better idea of alliance workings


I came here specifically to request the attack log at least be extended to 22 hours, but additionally a hit tally would be a great inclusion. Perhaps an average damage per hour by the alliance in general would also help determine what to expect with any given Titan.


so, you’re starting to look for something more like a stats screen, kinda like your personal stats screen attached to your profile. Hmmmm… :wink:

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Haha! No I want follow up on each titan and to hold people accountable for their lack of consistent, obsessive hits! They must pay for their insubordination!

How dare they have a life outside od this game?!

But seriously, an extractable log that covers all the 22h of the titan fight would do just fine haha!


I like your ideas, especially the one about a list of player hits on the titan.
It would be nice to have that integrated in the “ Top attacker” list if possible.


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