Better than expected heroes?

The discussions often revolves around the most powerful heroes, the ones that dominate the meta and shape the course of battles.

However, amidst the limelight of the renowned champions, there exists a cohort of heroes whose potential often remains underestimated.

These are the unsung heroes, the hidden gems, whose unexpected abilities can turn the tide of battle when wielded with insight and finesse.

So, tell me who are yours unanticipated heroes and what are their often-overlooked strengths?


Thanks for a positive thread!!

Top of mind -

Gregorion has been really useful versus Titans, and when color stacking - that crit boost does add up.

Inari is squishy, but the number of times she’s saved my team with her dodge…


I do like my Roquefort.

I have no idea whether he’s overlooked or not, but I neither hear about him nor see him in defs.

He is an attack monster though. With a little bit of thought and good peeps around him, he can almost obliterate the entire team.

I also pulled a Chameleon right when he first appeared, and I have always been his fan, despite massive criticism. When he appeared in SE, he loomed out of his hollow a bit, however.

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Eset turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The fact that she always hits six times makes her devastating. If you manage to stay with three or less enemies in front of you, she is capable of finishing the battle on her own. And in events with Rush Attack she is fearsome in defense and a great value in attack. I use her a lot (combined with Ludwig she’s super efficient on stages), and I wouldn’t have expected it when I summoned her.


Costume Roc, it’s kind of satisfying how it weakens enemies, and when aligned with some EDD like C1 Leonidas, turns them into paper.

Some others would be Uthragan, Hetepheres, and now outdated but a couple years ago was quite devastating, C1 Azlar.


Ulthragan. Surprized at his resiliency.


I still use Costume Roc a lot. Good DoT on all foes, very Good DD on all, and cleanse. The order is a bit messed up but works well in most cases.
I really hope they will buff the Sand Family costume bonus/stats this summer because they are quite outdated now and Roc cant take many hits anymore.

Also worth mentioning are Kunchen and Winnie as healers. They are slow thats why people dont like them. But in most battles i can still use them well.



Greed is (bizarrely) not quite understood by everyone, but I like using it. It’s satisfying denying everyone their heal/boost/taunt etc - and his defence down is super useful. On top of which, his poison damage is surprisingly potent. Many times it takes out heroes when I wasn’t expecting it to.


Still a unique heal. To bring back everyone from nearly dead to half health is great. Useful as a second healer thanks to his cleanse and (now) modest HoT.

I got cRoc last summer and he’s slowly making his way up. I just wish he debuffed before sanding.

I’ll edit as I think of more…



When i face Lunar heroes and cant use Waterpipe, i usually draft her in. Fiends are often a PITA for opponents, offering damage even when Im not getting tiles, and she supercharges Hurricane’s burn damage.

She could do with a buff these days, but I still use her.


Currently this is my favourite raid/war team.

The Hatter - an old (and very feeble stats wise) man in a scruffy Top Hat and he’s become probably the strongest hero I have

He doesn’t even have LB’s (but he does ride a legendary troop in which is a massive help).

But still he’s like 5 years old now??? Massive hero in today’s meta.

I’m beating 6700+ teams with about 90% success with this team. Yes I know I have premium stuff in there too but Sha Wujing is on the bench. My 2LB Sha Wujing,…can’t get on the starting sheet. It’s like leaving Messi out at his peak…


A newer hero I got that has surprised me is Kabeiroi. I don’t get many newer heroes and when I pulled her(him?) I wasn’t sure what to make of the special. Sure, making opponents heal you instead of hurt you is fun but at slow mana? That part is often too late to matter, unless paired with Ludwig.

Well, since I didn’t have anything better I maxed her(him?) anyway.

This hero is surprisingly effective at endgame. That hit 4 random when there are only 1 or 2 opponents left (as is usually the case when finally charged – either that or I’m dead) works a treat. Then I can usually finish them off next move with tile hits if they’re not already finished.

Teams up well stacked with Quintus with the hit 4 as well.

Then I look at the “Balance Kabeiroi” thread and majority say underpowered. YES, BUFF!


Leafwhisk, the most underrated goblin in the family. He is not a flashy goblin compared to his other counterparts like pepperflame or darkfeather. If you want to use him to the fullest potential, he requires a lot of behind the scenes game technicalities to work and is not the easiest goblin to use properly
Only buff he needs is crit chance for the MM to wreck havoc. And because he needs as much crit as he can gather, he benefits more from crit troops than mana. That’s also probably why the MM was designed to have a dispel shield on him, it’s to protect any crit chance buff from being dispelled. If he fires twice, you’re basically impenetrable at that point


9 headed beast. All time fav hero. Those reset ailment and buff is priceless. I use him literally for everything except for defence raid/war.


I’ll throw a vote in for Mistweaver. Hits hard, but it’s the resist healing I love most about her. I love watching opposition try to heal and then…pop! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rofl:


Thanks for this thread, such an interesting read!
I’m a fairly new player and Odette’s little sister Swan Maiden has saved me plenty of times. Brilliant 3☆ when leveled


The classic wizard heroes are always useful, eg Kiril, cMelendor, cMarjana, for their dispelling with tiles ability.
Seshat (who I got when HOTM) is excellent for her dispelling at fast, and cleansing with costume.



Although I use costumed version, I tried also regular one. But costumed is better and a monster for mono dark.


Even before buff he’s one of my favourite heroes.


I hope they will introduce 2nd costumes for atlantis🙃

Snowball is one who has surprised me. Fast speed, fiends with a great damage augmentation ailment, and some really good passives. Flexible and meshes with a lot of different heroes - including helping my new Lodius hit even harder.

A month ago or so i pulled Hornfel. He was new and what i read was fairly good, sort of. I also checked the top 100, but no one had Hornfel. So i didn’t expect much of him. Oh boy, was i wrong. Hornfel is one of the best, maybe the best hero i have, definitely the strongest. By now he’s been LB2 twice and he keeps saving my team. I love this guy.

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