Better starter hero's.. because newer players are quitting

I think I like the idea, so gonna support it, it’s really hard to begin now

Have done it already in the trainer in event portal discussion

So around 1 month before you get your 3* heroes on a regular basis. That’s just the time if you concentrate yourself on training centers.
If you want to build a forge for example, and if you want to upgrade your farms and mines at an equal rate it needs longer of course, but I would say that shouldn’t be priority number 1 in the first few weeks.


In favour. I don’t think there would be anything which would shatter the gameplay by rewarding with a S1 3star after for example each time you complete the first 4 provinces on the map in addition to the Bane everyone gets.

Would also stop people playing with their food and get used to properly levelling and using heroes. It will take a while to get the mats anyway to final ascend but can enjoy more content in the meantime l.


There’s still a 3.3% for a 3* on the daily portal. I pulled Isshtak earlier this morning.

Yeah I’m not sure when the portal got nerfed

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Yeah sorry mistake I guess they never had the percentages before. Either way just a suggestion to help ppl wanna play. I dunno.

But yeah sorry I couldn’t find anything.

My bad.

Only that it never listed the percent before and then did.

I’ve been playing for over two years and the rates have always been there. It doesn’t take away from your suggestion, but I get irrationally upset when I hear about nerds that never happened.

Maybe in the last two years, but definitely not always. I was playing at least a year or longer before they implemented the odds in the portal. Before that it was just a guess…

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Depends on your definition of competitive. Within 4 months of F2P, I had enough heroes to field 6 war teams of 3/4* heroes… of various stages of completion. Now, that’s good enough for raiding and warring against players of roughly equivalent experience. But no where near enough to land in the top 100k of competitions, or 100 of the raid trophies.

OK, that was creepy, was already beginning to doubt my memory…
How long can it take to find something so elemental as the implementation of summon odds :thinking:
There is no mention in the version updates where I looked first. Stupid Sg.
Was able to find a post from December 2018 were odds were mentioned, and one from May were they were guessing about the odds and definitely didn’t know them. So that set the time frame for my further research.
The only post about the new odds I found was this:

So Version 15 it was, from September 2018, around 1½ year after the beginning, before that odds were not known so we can’t say with 100% accuracy that the odds for getting a 3* hero from the daily summon Portal now are exactly as high as when some of us started playing.

Sorry for the little off topic start, but that question didn’t let me rest :sweat_smile:


Some games have a guaranteed 5* if you haven gotten one by 20 pulls.

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Just my 0.02, but I think the easiest solution to help new players without (further) breaking the game is to swap the silver token when leveling to a gold one. Let that level 4 pull an Elena or Viv… it won’t hurt whales one bit.


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I have myself seriously contemplated quitting at least three times now. First time I’d already been playing for two years. It occurs when I become stalled and progress has become nil. Then something happens to kick me back in motion again so I keep going. And no that something never has anything to do with the game “improvements”. I can seriously do without Ninja Tower or Mythic Titans, and I haven’t even started S4.

When I first started I gave the game six months tops :rofl:


I appreciate it… I looked to I think it was unfortunate case of “Mandela Effect” on my part … Thank you so much

:panda_face: :heart:

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I think that a rainbow set of 3* allows for more “learning how to play the game” they have no need for a 5*…
infact they shouldn’t touch them untill they have many 3-4 * done.

Giving them a 5* would just further impede their progress and frustrate them more and teach them nothing…
I’m trying to help achieve something more like this… I wish my brain worked this well…

^^^^ this… helping people be interested in the game and learning how to used the different aspects of the heros… is what I’m talking about

I have to admit this idea is way better then my just “giving them” away

I also believe it will help new ones have more of a reason to want to play .
. thus addicted…
. hence… benefits devs as well as giving us new players to hang with WIN WIN

totally off topic… sorry… just…

I thought you said you were a f2p?


Never did. I do offer advice to f2p often, and my video guides are made towards f2p as well, but I am vc2p. Paid for a couple ViP and PoV. Currently only ViP.

Sorry for off-top.


Ahh got it… cool just wondering… i’m c2p. almost vc2p… arlett in my alliance is Completly f2p… so it’s nice the game has such variations of ppl playing I think that’s some of what makes it so fun… I love it…


Just for last clarification (and end with the offtop) all of my alts are completely f2p accounts, and I sometimes speak from their perspective when explaining things to a f2p.

i remember getting a HOTM from one of my early summons

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Very good, practical suggestion.

Good for QoL (Important Player requirement)
won’t impact the game economy (key SG requirement)

FYI @Petri


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