Better starter hero's.. because newer players are quitting

I request that new players get a rainbow set of 3* heros…
the game has progressed to the point where a newer player will give up playing all together

…I’ve seen it more then once

example… At Tranquility Dock…resting I was training Vork… he was on everyday and very active… but never could get a full rainbow 3* set… got very discouraged after months of hard work playing…

I’ve seen this happen A LOT…

with all the hero balancing and advancement going on the newer players need to be bumped up from… ONLY BANE… if you want the game to do well… this is just a observation…

They can’t even do the levels to get the Mats (boots) to ascend the heros… someone from Development tried to play the game from scratch lately???

160 days of playing and then give up… happens too much… you need to keep their interest…

with care - Tea

If you spend lots, you can get a rainbow set of Banes!


Actually don’t think it’s such a bad idea.
But don’t make it standard as everyone gets the same 3* get a rainbow of S1 random.


took me a year to spend… I dunno who’s side I’m on letting them know this LOL… and i’m still very cheap to play but yes haha…

It makes sense to me. However, in this game new players will soon become disheartened because they won’t get far with a S1 three star rainbow team.
I always told new players it’s a game of patience…. And it still is.
However, new players have such a long road ahead of them when faced with S2, S3, S4 etc heroes.
The game is moving way too fast for veterans so god help new players.
Additionally long term players who are either cheap to play or free to play are also struggling… a number of such players in former alliances of mine just gave up and moved to a different game leaving once full alliances devastated


If a player is going to quit because they don’t get a rainbow of three stars, how long are they going to stick around in the game in general?

I wouldn’t necessarily give it away for free, but perhaps make it a quest reward. That way the player has to work for it in some way.

Then again, training camp 12 gives a guaranteed 3 star. Someone else can do the math on what it takes to get there, but I have to imagine 160 days isn’t very far off from it.

Generally I’d ask how new players can catch up in the game. It seems like major spending is the only way.


Apparently for 180days and he has tc 13 and 20 no full set so cannot complete needed levels for boots and stuff its different then we started … *** they nerfed the daily portal.**(((:panda_face::woman_shrugging:t2::x::x::x:(no proof sorry my bad )))))))) When I started I got a lot of 3 from there. He’s still around once a week or so looking for heros in the tc.

And I’ve seen this more than once

When I started, a little over a year ago. I had saved up five or six banes
Five or six Azars
Five or six hawkmoon
So I could finish specials off, I easily had multiples of these heroes before I even reach TC 13 just from the daily portal. I’m not sure if you noticed, but they don’t come out of there anymore in fact I was looking for a tyrum myself for about three months. They did something and it is devastating the game


Personally I don’t think a lack of 3* is what’s devastating the game. When I started I got most of my early 3* from EHT, and since then they have increased the number of places to get them. Many, many players do not make it past 6 months and this has been the case for four years now.

As I recall, I used Sharan as my healer for about four months before I had a better option. Hmm, no wonder I hated raiding back then.


Since I’m a complete time waster:

I’ve actually made 20 separate Gmail accounts, and started a new account 20 times now to earn all the Invite rewards for VIP. As someone who’s started the game 21 separate times now, 100% this. I was able to make it about to Prov. 8 with Bane, some 2* heroes, and whichever hero I was lucky enough to pull at level 5 with 300 gems due to the shared VIP. If I didn’t pull a healer, beating new levels was extremely tough with just Sharan.

I came into the game knowing the best way to level buildings, heroes, what to prioritize on upgrades and what to let go and this still felt difficult to me. Honestly, I still feel like it would take a least a year + of c2p to at least be somewhat competitive. There should really be a free 3* hero given after every province as a completion reward until a rainbow team is assembled so you can at least focus on team building and cohesion until you pull 4*'s later. Why do I want to keep playing a game with crappy 2* heroes and struggle every level?

Hero 1: Bane
Hero 2: Brienne (attack up)
Hero 3: Hawkmoon (healer and enhanced version of Sharan)
Hero 4: Valen (defense down)
Hero 5: Oberon (status effects)

Most games offer free heroes like this for completing the province or as milestone rewards for doing so. Make one of the missions “complete province 5” and the reward is one of those heroes or let them choose which one. I do love this game but having seen what it would be like to start over, I wouldnt recommend this to anyone to start in its current form.


When did this happen?

I’ll double check … I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it was a update

And sure seems different

Gimme a day or so

Thanks :panda_face::heart:

Just my 2 cents… Sure start new ppl with a rainbow 3 but when they can’t get a 4 star rainbow won’t u have the same issue? We already have ppl who wanna quit cuz on pulls all we can get are carvers and valens. My point is if u have the spirit of competition and know how to have fun with your group u will stay regardless. I did anyways… But then again I’m not normal :laughing: :popcorn:


I replied to the wrong post :laughing: deal with it :laughing:

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I was really lucky when I first started. My first healer was already kiril. And it’s not just that, he was the first pull of my game. So of course he was in my team for the next many months. That’s why kiril has a special place in my heart.

Why not just start off with 2 non-scripted EHTs. So the newbie can get a chance to pull for something outside getting bane and layla? If he’s an experienced veteran restarting a game, he knows what he’s doing and can just save it for a seasonal portal.


Based on the continued direction of the game, I don’t blame any long term f2p/c2p for retiring*. I’m only still around (for now) because RNG has been incredibly kind to me.

*Actually I don’t blame any kind of long term player for retiring.


@SamMe …… it will come to us all. It’s just a matter of time……
I have so many good / fun heroes that I would like to max and use before I retire from this game……
And realistically I accept that I won’t be playing E&P this time next year …

@JGE Yes, you are correct.

With the increased speed of new hero releases, I think it is a real issue that, by the time you get all the mats for a hero, it can be significantly less appealing/powerful than the latest heroes. Of course, it probably depends on whether you can summon the new hero…

Whilst the game has always been focused on 5*, the greater number of 5* just continues to climb… And this has a negative impact on not just long term players, but all types of players.

My 2c.


@Pandita :heart:

Yes, I completely agree that the brand new player should start with more than Bane.

Actually, I think this should’ve been addressed as soon as Bane got a costume…

Unfortunate that they do not update tc20. There will never be an option to train/retrain 3* and 4* costumes.

My 2c.

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As someone who had enormous trouble getting a starting rainbow team, I’d say the idea may look cool at first, especially for those players who struggle with the game mechanics more than others at the beginning.

That being said, however, my starting days were in a month devoid of the Costume Chamber, and it is actually one of the factors helping to get a raibow 3* starting team ASAP.

I also restarted the game much more than 20 times with new accounts (had to give two main accounts full 20-days VIP, not only one), and I’d say that completing a 3* rainbow team is completely possible within 20 days, with the unluckiest of my alt accounts having to resort to two gem pulls (600 gems) from the respective Elemental portals - but these were only two accounts at most.

Double pull from free ViP helps a lot with forming a starting rainbow 3* team. And between the other free sources available to a newbie (costume chamber, free EHTs from MV/chests, free gems for Elemental portal pulls, TC12) I’d say we don’t need anything else really.

Farming Province 6, Map 7 (even on auto) is what I recommend for quite some time until the new player forms a team of at least three 3* rainbow heroes ascended once + fully maxed Sharan. Then it’s a good idea to progress to province 8. To my observation, this happens between 20 and 30 days from starting the game with the new (invited) alt account. And I didn’t have time to fully pay attention on alts so they were developed casually - I guess that time can be reduced for someone who pays full attention to their newly invited account.

Some of my alts had to further push it to level 18 with fully ascended emblemed on defense + health path Sharan (18 ranger emblems, no more) as one and only healer for quite some time, because they lacked a good red hero and because in general they lacked a healer. And that way Sharan has a survivability almost equal to a fully ascended 3*, which allows her to survive long enough for healing purposes.

From personal achievements (and I play for only 9 months as a vc2p) I would disagree.

S1 3* rainbow team can do the following:

Complete any Uncommon quest to the fullest
Reach Atlantis (S1 Province 15) and at least farm the starting stages of Atlantis (namely S2 Province 1 Map 2).
Complete any Rare quest up to the last stage (including the 3* unfarmable mat but not the 4*)
Complete the first two (or even three) stages of the Costume chamber quest
Climb the Ninja Tower to floor 5-ish (with items probably even higher)
Farm all day long Challenge event Rare Map 3 for XP/crafting and asc mats/recs/feeder heroes/ challenge coins
Possibly (depending on the type of the heroes) complete (with a lot of forge items) a Rare challenge event (depending on the type of the event).
Depending on the class type of the 3* heroes, complete several of the Trials quest, Stage 1 for some emblems (can be done with a single 3* fully ascended hero of the type + some 1* and 2* feeders along + bombs axes and healing potions).

I’d say this is actually quite a lot, and in the process of doing all those things several times, the 4* will start appearing.

This is another issue but in fact that it’s due to the fact that those f2p/c2p you are talking about are simply setting their goals too high. If they hope to compete with p2w, it will almost never happen. Even so, there are several very highly skilled f2p or c2p players who are actually proving that the game can be played at a very high competitive level without paying.


Almost guaranteed those games have some sort of “pity system” in place to help players get a better chance to obtain some good heroes. It’s the one thing this game just doesn’t seem to understand, that it helps with retention.