Better rewards in 6 star titan battles

I think there should be 5 star rewards for defeating 6 star titans, especially if a person does over 700,000 points of damage.

There is. Only it’s random.

I’d recommend reading this thread if you’re not familiar with how the loot tier system works. Hope this helps and happy hunting.

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Betcha I got worse (relatively) for our last 12* for my A+ rating.

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After reading the posts I don’t feel bad. I did not even realize that the titans went that high. I have only seen 6 stars.


Oh I agree…that was terrible! I shall not complain about my titan loot anymore :cry:. (Well, not today anyway :confounded:).

Ps. Welcome to the forum @Warriormight :smile:.

What are 5* rewards?

I meant 4* assension awards, but the items you can make from Titan parts are 5*.

Funny thing is that I am sitting in my own alliance with my alt account fighting 1,2,3* and I get the same loot as when I was putting down bigger ones. I always got A or A+ on bigger ones too but the loot was bad sometimes. Funny that my last chest I filled used a 1* and 2* titan to finish it with bigger ones from my former alliance. I got some great loot. Tome of tactics and EHT. I got an Orb from the 2* titan itself too.

It will be funny taking down these little titans as rares too. Last rare I got an A+ on a blue rare and actually got the scope. I have gotten a 4* mat from rare before but never the one matching the titan. Like I got darts from a green one.

Isn’t there better or more rolls for 4* loot and tokens as the titan * increases ? Like the diamond raid chest has a roll for a token that the lower ones don’t get. Usually it is silver but there is a roll just for it as far as I know. Is this true of the bigger titans as well?

Fighting 7* 8* titans I’m usally a B grade I’d say I’d get 1 decent no farm material a week. But lot of people in my alliance is fed up with the loot everywhere really! Hitting the titan is more of a Chour now. They do all the quests etc but still lacking a lot of AM.
Not everyone wars during the week now as it can interfere with there daily life! One reason loot for winning is bad and there in no hurry to open the war chest as they don’t get nothing.

This game is all about luck, but I still like playing it. I am trying to spend less money on it however.

Ah Titan love …

I’m used to the large bones… the oil is appreciated … but the gems are insulting

(Crafting is expensive…)

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