Better rewards for War Participation

I keep coming back to this. War rewards for winning are fine, but when you lose, you get hardly anything, even though you might have put in just as much time and work. It’s extremely discouraging to go through an entire war, choosing your attack teams carefully each time, which for me, at least, takes considerable time and energy, only to wind up losing the war by a few points and for all that effort, being rewarded with 2 or 3 low-level items. The rewards for participating when you lose should be much higher.

Separate topic (other than that it’s also about wars), but: Also, something was changed in wars a couple months ago and ever since then, if you don’t choose your team within a few seconds, you get an error message when you go to attack. What’s up with that?? I almost always have to go back and re-select my team a second time, trying to remember who I’d picked the first time, because it’s so hard to make my selections that quickly. I don’t understand why this was done. ■■■?

Strongly agree the rewards should be increased for both winning and losing wars. The wars are great for keeping alliances strong and working as one so a little bit more incentive for teamwork would be great.
On a similar note i think for each flag unused by a player they should have a reel removed in the rewards. Alot of coding to create this but for all games to stand the test of time players need to know they are being rewarded for their hard work.

Couldn’t agree more. War takes the most coordination and teamwork and the rewards should reflect that.

I feel they are just ok. What irks the heck out of me is the CRAPPY war chests


Totally agree with you Rohn the war chest that we wait after many wins and lose wars but A Big disapointment when open. We should at leadt get one very rare ascending materiale at læst

The first time I hear this. But you know, the game provided a feature, to see what players you still can use, to set a team with troops over and over again, as a preparation phase for your attack. It is not necessary to do this upon one enemy in the battlefield. I never do that… You have a gear in the left upper corner of the screen. You can set there your team, to change it, to change your mind again, over and over again. And when you made up your mind, just go to the battlefield.

But I do like to choose my team where I can look at the enemy and remind myself what I’m going up against. Only problem is that if it takes more than a few seconds, when I go to attack I just get an error, “unknown team” or somesuch, and I have to start over.

We never get what they promise ,.
What Do we get get from the Titan chest or element chest nothing that we Can use to ascend our heroes . We Can tokens and when we use it we get 1* hero :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes. I don’t know how else to say this. You lost. Why should you get loot for losing?

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Some of my alliance doesn’t war mid week due to RL some of my alliance don’t war weekend due to RL.
They could quite easily but just think the loot ain’t worth the time and not in a hurry to fill there war chest!
Is a shame really!

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