Better resources for heroes from 3 * to 5 *

I would love to be rewarded with a levelup, for example, with resources for his heroes or advancement materials (magic ball, hidden blades or much more) so that when you get up, you can be happy and surprised when next time make a levelup :slight_smile: also should give the possibility among each other to exchange the troops with each other and also the heroes to support the smaller in the alliance so far as they need something … that you may get food or other things as a fair exchange

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Hi Thunder,
Agreed to most but few of these trading/exchanging ideas are already being discussed in specific posts in the forum like the one below. Please join the discussion there and share your thoughts. Thanks.

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See the brief snippet from the Devs regarding the status of trading:

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I think it makes sense to level the Trainer Hero accordingly :-)?

A trainer hero (any color) should be food to raise another hero (matching color).

Only the very new player should use a trainer as an actual fighting hero.

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Does that mean that one can let the coaches heroes of the same color ascend, I understood that correctly? That one can aufpimpen with the trainer hero the individual heroes I know that … :sunglasses:

I don’t think the trainer/coach card can ascend; it’s already at maximum when you receive it.

I do not know I have not tried it …

It wouldn’t let me just now. The card is maxed:


Ok thx :smile:

I just do not quite understand what the one had written in there because of the coach heroes … I had been surprised …

  • Upgrade Trainer Hero (+ skill roll) *

Leveling a 4 * or 5 * Hero with a Trainer Hero (Version 1.8) will lower the chance of a special skill boost as Trainer Heroes give so much XP per star.

This is important as Ascension Materials will block leveling, and the faster you gain 8/8 special ability, the more powerful the Heroes are

Improve the trainer hero from + 1% skill roll per star (+ 2% skill roll per star for the same suit) to + 4% skill roll per star (+ 8% skill roll per star for the same suit).

== data ==
Three 1 * Training Heroes used to level a Hero of the same suit equal 3600 XP and + 6% skill twenty
1 * Normal heroes used to level a Hero of the same color, roll equal to 3600 XP and + 40% skill

five 2 * training heroes used to level a hero of the same suit, equal to 9000 XP and + 20% skill roll
19 2 normal heroes used to level a hero of the same suit, equal to 8892 XP and + 76% skill roll

== data complex ==
1 * other color = 150 XP for regular heroes / 1000 XP for coaches or 1: 6.66 ratio
1 * same color = 180 XP for regular heroes / 1200 XP for coaches or 1: 6.66 ratio

2 * other color = 390 XP for regular heroes / 1500 XP for coaches or 1: 3.85 ratio
2 * same color = 468 XP for regular heroes / 1800 XP for coaches or 1: 3.84 ratio…

Thunder, I’ve never had a problem with a 4 or 5 star NOT getting special to 8/8 prior to hitting 60 and needing ascension materials. Please don’t tell people not to use these, you are grossly misleading them…

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OK. The text was not written by me that I had copied … And I actually know that you can not level up these coach heroes with each other, but they are only for the certain heroes :slight_smile: all right

you level any hero with the trainer heroes. The only difference is because they are fully ascended already, they give more xp than the usual 1-2* heroes.

Well, I know that :slight_smile: have been playing for quite a while hehe … My next question is in order to Titan … Should one if one has a purple Titan only with 5 yellow heroes or generally in 5 different colors?

5 yellow heroes vs purple titan will get you killed quickly and you’ll only do damage for yellow tiles.

Put 2 strong yellows, an attack buffer, and 1-2 defensive debuffers.

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Hehe I thought so … Because I had discussed with a buddy which is better … But that I would be right was clear to me :slight_smile:

My next problem is that I still need at least 5 good players from TS 1800 to 2500 or so, but I can not find any players or they do not want to contribute because we only have 4 stars in Titan and I would like to keep going … I have too looked into the alliance recruiting but no chance :frowning:

recruiting strong players is indeed difficult. often times you have to find a patient group and grow together.

What a pity :frowning: