Better participartion rewards from events

Special events provide participation rewards which in this case was 1 single daily summons.

May I suggest better participating rewards for those that complete all 3 event types being Rare, Epic and ledgendary.
All that hard time and hard work in completing the whole lot for a single daily summons hardly seems right.

Maybe an epic token or tokens for each stage would seem more appropriate over a single token for all 3 stages.

Just a thought put out there.

Each tier lvl has completion rewards which are given when you complete the last lvl
The summons token is a bonus for competing and not being placed in the higher loot tiers

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Agreed, and it’s that bonus summons token I am talking about.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that token was better than just a daily summons token for those that completed all 3 stages.

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Well, I do epic and legendary for the completion rewards only. Bag the goods, smile, and go on my way.

(not doing rare, because I do not need that completion reward)

Whether I get that silver coin or not, that makes no difference to me.


Rare ascension mats just for completion of epic and legendary is more than enough compensation for me. I’ve thought about doing rare for the extra flask but I’d have to burn resources to accumulate and feed 3* so seems like it would defeat the purpose at my stage in the game

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The rare ascenscion mats + epic troop token + epic hero token for those who just finish are already pretty awesome.

The problem is that a good but not great place in the ranking doesn’t give much more compared to just barely completing it. WE flasks are pretty nice, but everyone wants epic tokens, rare ascension mats and of course the event heroes which only the top player out of a legion of participants gets.

It’s okay that someone who places 70000th only gets one token in addition to the already great completion rewards. However, someone who might place 2000th and has spent precious mats, redone levels etc. doesn’t get much more. This does not seem quite right to me. Competition has increased drastically compared to the early days of E&P, so why not widen the prize tiers or increse the rewards for the existing medium tiers?


amen! Exactly.
Plus we do not need the completion rewards, so why bother with the 3* heroes and burn the energy for rare, for something which we do not need in the first place? :blush:


Lol. That’s all well and good for all you upper top players. A little different for us minor players who need those items.

Plus the other side of it is by doing the rare events you get to use those 3* heros for something otherwise they just sit there doing stuff all thus becoming useless. All that time and energy and for some probably money just to have them become good for nothing.

I’ve never completed rare, even when i was a new player, and have done just fine. Idk why people forget that everyone in this game was new at some point and we still didnt have the complaints you guys do :joy:


Suggestions aren’t complaints m8.

And no we don’t forget that everyone was new at one point but what you don’t take into consideration is that the game has changed many times over even in the last 6 months I have been playing and reading back on past updates many times prior my starting as well so new beginners haven’t got it as easy and then theirs the numbers of players ad well.

You may not have worried about 3*s that you say now but there are probably 1000s of others who do and thus this is about everyone in general not just all about you.

Although I am finding this hard to believe as like everyone as you say you had to start somewhere unless your a big spender which then puts you a far different category of players and you totally skipped that era of the game.

If so then good on ya.

Lol rare event is fine. Gives players exactly all they need at that stage in the game. If it wasn’t fine, the developers would have buffed the rewards over a year ago.

I didn’t complete the rare event because it didnt offer 3* mats i needed for my 4* heros. And also didnt see why i should level up 3* heros to get rewards that don’t help my 4*.

Just priorities. 3* have a drop off in value. 4* stay usable for a loooong time. Just a matter of “how can i spend my world energy to help me advance the most”. Completing epic and legendary made the most sense. That’s where my world energy went until i could complete them.

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I was never talking about rare events anyway as that isn’t the OP topic. Why it’s even an issue for you I have no idea.

This topic is about a suggestion of upping a little the completion reward for those that completed the whole event compared to those that don’t, nothing more and was never a complaint.

If you yourself don’t completed and it doesn’t interest you in any way then why are you even commenting.

You have told us it doesn’t interest you once and I am sure everyone accepts that as I do but why try to turn it into something it’s not or is just because it’s me, LOL.

surly hit nail on the head on that one I’m sure.

Lol i completed epic and legendary. Happy with the rewards. Stop bein greedy and be happy with what the game gives you for free. Free guaranteed mats. What’s next? Complaints about rare quests too?

You said ccompleting all 3 but now you say it’s not about completing the rare event. So guess it’s not 1 of the 3. Players already get more than a gray token for completing each tier. Not sure what more you could want. Want more rewards? Compete for them like everyone else.

You’re telling me that these Completion Rewards aren’t enough just for playing through each tier???

I didnt even compete and still got those rewards plus the rewards in the next reward tier. Asking for more than that and not even competing is really just being greedy.

So in your eyes everyone who make a suggestion is in fact complaining.

No wonder you make no sense to me m8.

You are 100% complaining through suggestion. Suggesting more rewards, is complaining that the current ones aren’t enough for you. You have a choice to spend world energy in events. No one forces you. Don’t like the rewards you get for the flags you spend? Don’t participate. You won’t be missed or noticed.

Are you serious really. Lol turn word around to suit your agenda of having some sort if beef with me.

Grow up m8. Your become a nussense if not a harraser.

I too completed every event because I choose to. My SUGGESTION was brought to this forum based on discussions within our allience and if truth be told wasn’t my suggestion to start with.
As an allience leader I bring forward what my members suggest at times for the possible interest of others.

As I said m8ty grow up and go get yourself a LIFE.

I am over 50yrs old m8 and don’t need your childish rants twisting my words around to make yourself feel good. TC

Agreed. I suggested a fix to this very problem.


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Hi. I read your topic and will comment there on it and may I also suggest @rigs take his comments on rare event there as your thread seems to be more in line with his debate than mine here which has nothing what so ever do with rare events.

All I suggested was a little extra reward for those that finish the whole event compared to those that don’t.

What I would like to see was a change to limit who could play Rare, Epic and Legendary challenges based on player level to provide with a fair chance for people to get access to the higher leaderboard rankings.

Limit access to the rare challenges for players up to level 30 for example. for epic the limit could be 40 and everybody for legendary.

It hardly seems fair that players with high level count can do the rare challenges. They will rape the leaderboard easily while the players with lower level that can really only play the rare have no chance of geting into the 50000th rank.

There’s a thought and don’t totally disagree but having said that personally even though I am in the higher 35 level bracket I enjoy playing the rare events as it’s the only time time I to use these 3* heros.

Your comment would also be better suited in chiefs post than mine though. You might get better reactions on it.

@ZeMartelo I linked this to C so you can find your way there if your interested.

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