Better odds at Christmas or special gift?

I was hoping that maybe for Christmas time for a day during the season we might get better percentage odds for a 5* héroe or better chances for Level four ascension Mats. As a gift!
I am not opposed to an outright gift that we could choose LOL but I don’t know how the devs would feel about that.


I wish they’d up the percentage of 4* ascension items myself. Especially compasses and fine gloves you’ld think those items that are required for all 4* final and 5* 3rd ascensions would appear more often than 5* final ascension items but hasn’t been the case in my experience. Waiting on compasses have enough other items to lvl 5 4s except those required by all compasses even have half of needed 5 items in 3 colors two of which I don’t have a 5* hero in. Lol maybe someday

GLOVES I NEED YOUR GLOVES gimme gimme gimme GLOVES, have compasses though! Keep those

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No glove, no love.


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Don’t get your hopes up.

Last years christmas present was one of each summon token if I recall correctly.