Better no lose money in this game

What level are you? I’m sure my conspiracy theory of the higher level, the more the 5*s fell on my lap

93 lvl
I have nothing against top defense

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Test I do that
I tried knights over 80 pulls and no 5

80 pulls without a 5star isn’t all that rare. Some people report 300+ without one.

That’s really harsh for you, I hope you get better luck in your summons.

I recommend just focusing on one portal, perhaps challenge festival or when the new costumes come out, they’re meant to be really good.

I recently focused on S5 but the odds are very low.

Wishing you luck.


5 years in this game
I have 0 5* in the sections he mentionned too
You save gems for a specific event or not it wont help unless the game decides to give you a 5*
This game used to be a pay to win
Since zynga and take 2 took over it became sell your kidneys to win
I’ve seen rich youtubers blowing 50k gems on a single portal without getting any event hero

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Just a note SV is dynasty of dunes i think. But i have been lucky in some not all out of the above mentiond portals i have.
CoK. 2
Wo3k .1

That has been my focus is non season 1 in portals beening vc2p that is where majority of my pulls will be .
If there was some sort of rotation like there used to be with events, i would consider maybe saving for a event.

Side -
BF and SS are probably set in stone so they would be good places to save for. Also a start of point to start saving again …

Sorry BF and SS? Black Friday and summer solastice?

I’m not sure if I will save for them missing costumes, I imagine getting Finley a very good hero, whereas in challenge festival he would get a costume which is significantly better… And now costumes for season 2, HOTM, season 3… Missing those is a big deal as that is how heroes are balanced and updated.

I think for now since my focus is magic troops and wanting to maximize their potential the v2 costumes make the most sense for me personally… Just getting 1 of the better ones could make for strong duplicates in my teams… I will get the Magics to 29 (assuming I pull the missing colors) in roughly 10-13 months, so patience to pull for the portal to finish the 5* isn’t an issue either.

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Agree been pulling only repeats, for me anyway, after spending too much to say l am extremely disappointed. This Sucks!!!

Max +5% maną generation

I know and I am disappointed, that was the best part of the new costumes.

I am saveing all my gold coins for the X-mas event ( again ) and hope for the best.
If I get the necessary coins together for black Friday I will make a 10 Pull there.


Something more expensive than money is your time. If you’re not happy I sincerely would suggest you to quit. Or go fully f2p.

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Hmm ich habe bei den meisten Events auch 0 Anzahl allerdings bekomme ich auch immer alle paar Monate dann zwei bis drei 5* Helden vor den gargoyls hatte ich ausser HotM auch gar kein Glück 6 Monate lang bei den gargoyls dann 3x5* 3x4* und 5x3* Helden scheint bei mir auch ein zyklus zu sein.

Mod edit

Hmm I also have 0 number at most events but I always get two to three 5* heroes every few months before the gargoyls I had no luck at all except for HotM 6 months with the gargoyls then 3x5* 3x4* and 5x3* Heroes seems to be a cycle for me too.

English is forum rules in this part of the forum :+1: :grin:


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best i can do is:

  1. dont waste gems and save them
  2. do only 10 pulls; don’t do singles
  3. have 0 expectations
  4. enjoy the game as it is

the rest is your choice.

p.s. 5. happy gaming or whatever makes you happy !!!


All in all, I achieved everything I could in this game.
The new cards are much stronger than the ones I have.
I don’t want to spend a ton of money, so I guess it’s time to end this game.


it’s your choice >

too bad the hotm’s aren’t better