Better marketing – offers for people who spend a lot of money on the in-app purchases

I think it would cool if y’all had offers for people who spend a lot of money on the in app purchases

Right!? I need some gems, STAT!

From a marketing point of view increasing the amount of special offers will make the offers less special.
This will make people more often think “oh, I might await the next offer” multiple times and actually creating bigger time gaps between purchases.

I’m not talking about special offers but if someone spends $100 on their account you could throw a few hundred gems or something

Well they have different rates at which you can purchase gems.

With the special offers being at an even higher rate (normally).

Anyway they could possibly implement a customer loyalty card where you get points for every dollar spent to be exchanged for needed AM

For example a point/dollar spent for 125 points you can get a 3* AM and for 250 points you get a 4* AM of your choosing.

Rates to be defined by whatever SG sees fit of course.

See simple solution to a simple problem

I wanna see videos to earn heroes if u dont wanna spend money for gems

Also hero trainers should be more accessible

There’s a lot of ways to take care of the people loyal to the game

About time. It can’t happen to soon ?

They have targetted special offers in the past. Use the following search to find all the threads discussing the “Gigantic Offer” seen in days past:

Suffice to say: so many people were up in arms about just how unfair it was that some people received the offer while others did not that SGG determined it best to get rid of the inherent discrimination that flows from personalized offers in favor of equality/balance within the offer system.

Personally, I have no opinion either way, but it would likely be better for them to expand the store offerings in general than to pinpoint personalized offers. Doesn’t seem to have worked out terribly well in the past.

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Hey I’m new here and having trouble on posting suggestions…BUT how about letting us save a 6th team since there are 2 battles with 3 turns each (alliance wars) ???

You can purchase a sixth team slot in the store.

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Thus us why a loyalty points awarded is not discriminatory as it is solely driven by your own actions within the game where as targeted specials would be as they should be available to everyone fairly.

At the end of the day this just isn’t a generous game or generous devs. I love it and will keep plugging away at my deck, but comparatively, to other modern mobile games, the offers, rewards and incentives are always stingy so I wouldn’t be expecting anything to the contrary.

I’ve been playing langrisser mobile on the side and its the polar opposite, with great tiered progression rewards and extremely generous thank/Sorry rewards when anything goes wrong rtc. They also have tiered rewards for amount spent.

That’s what they need in this game. Increased chances at getting 5* the more you spend. Kind of ridiculous to get 3 repeating 3* in a single pull.

I agree there should be some kind of reward program. And this why, the last Atlantis summons 4 people in my alliance that do not spend money on this game got couple of 5* hero’s including gravemaker on just a couple pulls using just their Atlantis coins and gems they accumulated over time, where as I bought over $150 in gems and to only get one 5* and it wasn’t even the Atlantis hero’s. Over 60 pulls to get crap while they didn’t spend a dime and got featured 5* and hotm. I know no one made me spend the money but i love the game and sometimes feel I’m not rewarded for being a good consumer and frustrating to see people in my alliance get rewarded without investing a penny in this game. Some kind of reward program would be nice.

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