Better loots for SpringVale 🐰

SpringVale 2020 came with 3 tiers ( easy - Hard - advanced ) to be honest the easy & hard tiers not worth to play this year if the finishing loots will be an Avatar and EHT , I already have the Avatar’s , and not worth going for stages for one potion or Crystal that I have in my store over 20k of it , add emblems and 4* items for hard & easy tier , make it worth to finish , becuz we deserve it !

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I would love to see this. As is, once I got the avatars, i feel no purpose in mustering through it all over again.

Hopefully not just for Easter, but all the seasonal ones. Once a year after all.


Very much agree. I already have avatars for all the Easter heroes and therefore wouldn’t benefit from them being in the loot again.

Personally, I’d hope to have emblems added to all levels across all difficulties to increase the emblem amounts for seasonal events just as they were increased eleswhere.


I’m all for better loot in every challenge/event. If something doesn’t start to improve (loot and/or summons), I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be playing. The grind/reward ratio sucks.


Several of my members have quit those events due to poor loot, and it’s really time consuming to do them.


I hope they improve all seasonal loots and make it worth it , more than just avatar :face_with_thermometer:

Avatar can stay as they are if need be but like said up a few comments, once ya get said avatars not much point in doing it all over again.

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I agree. Loot should increase and keep pace with the game. There are so many heroes and options now in the game and it’s just growing. Many of us have more heroes than materials. We’d never be able to level them all in a life time. Plus these seasonal events take a lot of time and energy. Should be some benefit as a long time Player.


I would love that!
It would give far more incentive to use the world energy on the event instead of just regular day to day farming


What’s the fuss here?

I believe there was more. The rewards last year are:

This can be read here:

In sum, SpringVale has rare and epic ascension mats in it, unlike the monthly challenge events where the epic ascension mat are behind an intense competition and extreme usage of battle items to better the score per stage repeatedly.

More loot (ascension mats) is always good, more emblems is good too. :slight_smile:

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The loot’s as good as the loot expected from the same recurring quests and since they don’t even want to take the time to update the loots for things like Finding Food/Iron quests, Finding Battle Items/Crafting Mats/Ascension Mats, I doubt the Seasonal Events, which already had their own updates last year (and admittedly could use touch up since EHTs are only ever useful during them but only net 2 from them for their “once a year” apperances) will get such a change in loot drops.

A nice idea. Personally, would love to also just get flasks to push through the events quickly, get the ETT and EHTs and pretend I didn’t expect Isshtak and Jahangir to be the only heroes I get.

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