Better loot from wars and Titans

It is stated that alliance wars are a way of obtaining ascension materials but I usually do top damage (over 300) in my alliance and have never received anything better than a wooden shield. We have just beaten a rare 7* titan. I did 234k damage, used titan flask and high value battle itens and my loot waa terrible. We have lost two alliance members this week from being frustrated with lack of progress and fairness in this game. I am feeling the ssme. There needs to be better loot especially for 1st place damage. 1st place damage agsinst a rare titan should guarantee the 4* ascension item.

Everybody in the alliance gets the same amount of ascension rolls for a Win. If they had based it off of which player did the most points there would be no team work, you would have people picking off the weak teams or waiting selfishly to finish off teams in order to have the highest points possible. I definitely like that alliance war is a team effort and everyone gets the same chances at the ascension rolls. Makes it much more fun to work together.

For Titans, according to this forum: Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You any loot tier of IX (9) will give you 3 ascension item rolls. I also feel that this makes sense because if it was based off of 1st place getting a guarantee you would have everyone in the alliance fighting for it and using flasks willy nilly or buying refills just to get that A+ spot. The ascension rolls might have increased for the new titans though but I don’t know anything about that. I suggest, depending on what star titan you get just do enough damage to get to a tier IX rating and killing the titan. Try to remember to conserve and spread out your item usage more. If you really like having that A or A+ rating though go for it.

Nobody in my alliance gets anything good from alliance wars and the fact there’s been a good few by now means at least some of us should have had by now. Are you employed by the game? We are losing members and the game customers because of this.

Totalmente de acuerdo con esto… Osea guerras todoa participando jugando bien… Matando titanes… Y nada… Aceites y hierbas? Nooo mal ahi… Deberian de alguna manera dar una motivacion. Un premio que te haga querer esta represente… Lps organizadores y creadores deberian saber esto como metodo de estabilidad… Espero respuesta firme y solida de por que tan poco premio en estos eventos…