Better loot for losing war teams

I think the losing war team should get better loot. I was top player. The loot i recieved was worse than what you get in the very first province 1-1

For sure! Who wouldn’t want better loot? Of course I’d vote for that, but I really do feel losing the war should at least yield some stuff that makes it worth the effort.


Lol, even WINNING the war can be pretty lackluster when it comes to the loot


Yes. This whole game revolves around wars battles. Make it so people want to be apart of war

It would be nice if they had rarity restrictions on them, like they do for tournaments. I would LOVE a 3* war. I don’t have a single 5* leveled yet, because I’m focusing on 3* and 4*, but it would be nice if I didn’t think those 3* heroes would be collecting dust once I’m putting together teams with 5000 team power.

I understand (and like) the idea of star restricted wars, but the argument that many veterans/whales will make (or, more accurately have made) against the idea is that people aren’t going to have (or want to obtain) the roster space for a minimum of 30 3s, 30 4s, and 30 5*s…

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Right, they’d rather have 250 slots reserved for all the 5* while the 3’s collect dust lol. The 4’s are more versatile and are at least useful in wars, but 3* heroes are so fun to play with and unless you’re cleaning up crumbs, they don’t get used for wars at all. All of us have put time and effort into our 3* heroes. Why not make them usable in more places? (Probably because people don’t blow thousands on gems to pull a 3* hero lol

Maybe they can run concurrently. A new player would get much more value in being able to compete. Once your 5* roster builds up enough, then maybe graduate to the big leagues.