Better Information in Inventory -> Loot pages


Can I suggest, please, that when you tap on the items you have collected in Inventory -> Loot -> Ascension Materials, it gives a short description of what you can use those items for?

For instance, have a pop-up for Farsight Telescopes to let you know you need them to upgrade Blue 5* heroes to Ascension level 4.

I am forever having to ask my alliance what these things are used for, to try and plan Hero Ascension and Upgrade priorities to get the best out of my roster. They’re patient with me, but it must get annoying… :wink:

The same could be done for Inventory -> Loot -> Ingredients. You could provide a list (or thumbnails?) for items which can be Crafted using those items.

I would find this really useful. But it might just be me: I’d be interested to know what anyone else thinks.

Thanks for listening.


I would recommend to implement not only for Ascension but also for all other items.
I also do not know on my own which ingrediance i need for which battle items.


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May be worth noting that 4x hidden blades, warm cloaks, sturdy shields, orbs of magic and trap tools are needed also for 5* 2nd ascension. Since these items are not farmable on the map and pretty rare it is convenient to know that a single 5* wants 8 of them in total

Like the idea, but don’t know if it’s easily implementable in a neat way, because apart from the rarest ascension items like telescopes, all other items are needed in several situations and the resulting tooltip may become pretty big. Maybe just indicate some more general info, like if the item is color specific (e.g. blue for telescopes) or for all heroes (e.g. damascus blade)

A general and descriptive background in the Inventory would suffice.

Like Red background on Hidden Blades with the Fire symbol


This really needs to be implemented, get rid of the silly description and put in real information. Please!!

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