Better Hero Organization

The idea isn’t really new as others have made similar type of suggestions before. But I think with the increase of the number of teams, and more importantly, the looming of Season 2 on the horizon, there needs to be better organization of heroes you get. It is a good thing that the devs have already repaired the issue of having to re-scroll to the bottom for each feeding session, but if your hero list is long, it is still kind of cumbersome to have to scroll down a few screens.

As opposed to a long top-down list of heroes, I think it’d be better organization to have the more often used heroes on one page and the less often used but still collected heroes placed on different pages and accessed by either tabs or swipes to the left/right.

The lock as favorite icon is nice to keep these heroes from being accidentally fed, but they still do occupy the screen space and can get pretty tedious as the roster grow and the season 2 about to present more heroes. Perhaps a separate icon can be developed that gives them the status of being organized on separate pages (or as @Paulon have put, archival status).

The could be 30 per page (to accommodate sudden influx of feeder heroes from TCs), and each archival page fits 30 heroes, but the pages and space available will still be subject to the hero cap limit.

There is a sort by rarity for troops but not for hero’s. Even just doing that would be a vast improvement.

Heroes rosters have some form of sorting functions as well, but it isn’t really that intuitive and sometimes could get kind of messy because you assign heroes to teams, which takes precedence in hierarchy than other sorting functions you assign. I’ve just kept mine on sort based on Power because that still kind of makes sense to me.

But I’d like to keep the less used heroes away from the main screen, so they do not get in the way of heroes that were used more often.

Agreed. In the meantime, I use the 3 spare teams that aren’t my defense to keep heroes at the top of the list. If they’re in a team they stay at the top. Not ideal but it helps a little until you get too many heroes for it to work.

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