Better Gem options


It is my opinion that there needs to be better gem options for purchase and the cost of gems for resources are ridiculously high. Am i the only one who feels this way?


No you are not. Clearly even the development team knows they are priced too high. Look at the offer they just sent out with 6000 Gems for $3. They know they are overpriced. They just do not care.


True, although i dont see that offer anywhere or was that the gigantic
discount offer that they took away?


That was the one they took away. But like I said, even they understood a real value of the gems should be lower.

In any case, like I said, you are not the only one who feels the “buy gems” options are over priced. :relaxed:


Actually, I think they aren’t taking the easy route and offering the deal to everyone because they think the price is TOO low.

I think gem prices are fine because gems shouldn’t be that common. The problem is that buying a few gems will make it feel like almost no impact on the game. People want an immediate impact from spending money, and 5s are just too rare. To get a 5, you’ll end up getting a lot of useless characters.

Adding in cheaper gems may give you a few more draws, but when you end up drawing a 4* and 9 3*s, we’re back at our original problem.


I really do not think the price being too high or low has anything to do with their actions with the “suck in people to spend” deal. I think they are just ignoring the issue until the commoners get distracted by some other shinny issue.


Shabbit & dafrca, I think you’re actually both right in that the gems are too costly AND the drop rate too low for 5* characters.

I try and look at the cost of this game, compared to other entertainment options:

Netflix: $8usd per month, for unlimited movie viewing.
World of Warcraft: $15usd a month, for unlimited and unrestricted game-play.

Now I look at E&P and you have to spend $30usd for a reasonable CHANCE to get a 5* character. I personally have spent for 10 summons on this game and it hardly helped my game at all! (draw was mostly 3* characters). My wife, however, did manage to land a 5* with her 10 summons.

Anyway my personal feeling, when looking at other areas of entertainment, is that the gems are at least 3 times too expensive, AND the chance for 5* is too rare. I’d be comfortable spending $10 a month, consistently, if it actually would impact my game-play in a positive manner. Instead I reluctantly spent more on a chance, and will now never spend another cent, because I’m so mad about the cost and balance of this game.


I think youve hit the nail on the head for the most part. I dont really
need or want another subscription in my life but they do need to re-figure
the pricing and drop rates for sure.


The ill will is based in part because we feel we’re OWED value for our money. They never said they would guarantee such value…their posts are actually quite clear. Some places they say guarantee, and it is! Others they say chance, and it is!

Effectively it is our fault for hoping that the effect will be better than experience leads us to believe.

I want to get better things from this company, and I want to continue to believe they will deliver better. Either I’m a fool, or experience will be better than effect. crosses fingers


Great reply and another way of lookingat things. Thank you for the