Better free items during special events

I think SG is missing a business opportunity by providing minor items with the free giveaways.
I suggest the first free giveaway include an epic hero token.

  1. makes free players feel like they have a chance to compete with pay players
  2. generates excitement for all players
  3. most important could be a revenue driver for SG:
    You have many good offers with good materials for sale. But if players don’t have a hero to use them on why should they spend?
    If you normally don’t spend and don’t have a lot of 5* or event hero’s maybe getting one early in the events converts a non playing player into a paying player.
    Also, if pay players have maxed out hero’s why do they need to spend again unless they get someone new that needs materials?
    I’m a good example here. I have 13 yellow heros with 9 maxed including 3 5* and 4 4*. I have the mats to max another 5 and a 4. Why would I buy anymore without a new hero to work on.
    I believe you would drive more sales by being a bit more free with giving away epic hero tokens.

Yup, a little token would not harm anyone. It is still only 1.5% chance at getting a 5* hero, not even the one you want but any. And you still need super rare ascension materials to geth them to their full potential. I do not understand the hestiation there, even being quite moderate spender myself. But it seems last year they gave one of each token on 24th, perhaps we’ll get the same this year!

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